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۲۹ August

The top technicians club recruits and accepts technical staff to complete their staffing and recruiting specialized staff in women and men coaching in different disciplines. The enthusiasts can refer to the following link for resumes and personal information. After reviewing the files, you will be contacted with the qualifications. Thanks to the Cultural Sports Supercar Technique.

Change the location of the Jordan Branch - Ladies

14 August

In order to improve performance and better service to your loved ones, the location of the Ladies Special Lady Branch was changed.

Jordan's Special Women's Branch will be ready to provide services to your loved ones in a new location in Jordan, Babak Bazram Street, 33rd Street.

Your loved ones can contact 88281128 at the headquarters of the Superior Sport Technique Center headquarters for more information on the time of preparation and start-up of this branch.

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شعبه صادقیه مجموعه ورزشی تکنیک برتر،به مناسبت اعیاد خجسته شعبانیه و ولادت با سعادت حضرت قائم (ع) از تاریخ 25 اردیبهشت ماه تا ۲ خرداد ماه به مدت یک هفته اقدام به اعطای تخفيف ویژه جهت برگزاری کلاسهای تی آر ایکس و بادی پامپ نموده است.

15% تخفیف ویژه

  • In order to use the special discount and registration in this course, you can apply for the discount code and then act up to 24 hours after receiving the discount code by visiting in person to register.
  • For more information, please call 44000307 - 44000308.


Invitation to collaborate on the Top Tech Collection

24 April
مجموعه ورزشی تکنیک برتر بعنوان یکی از باشگاه های بدنسازی پیشرو و فعال از تمام علاقه‌مندان به فعالیت در محیطی دوستانه و پویا دعوت می‌کند تا به جمع ما بپیوندند.

در صورت تمایل به همکاری با مجموعه ورزشی تکنیک برتر، خواهشمند است در ساعات اداری با شماره ۸۸۲۸۱۱۲۸ تماس حاصل نموده و یا رزومه خود را ازطریق Job Opportunity Form Send us a message.

  • Sir / Madam instructor for morning and evening shifts
  • Administrative Officer
  • Secretary Mr. / Mrs. to shift the morning and evening


22 April
Here's a collection of gymnasts for the best technique for the women's branch - Geisha invites enthusiasts to work with this collection.

متقاضیان خواهشمند است در ساعات اداری با شماره 88281128 تماس حاصل نموده و یا رزومه خود را ازطریق Job Opportunity Form Send us a message.

  • Mrs. Secretary for shifting the morning and evening
  • حداقل ۱ سال سابقه کاری مرتبط
  • High public relations, handsome and motivated
  • Two people


03 December

The deadline for the competition has expired

In order to participate in the Sport Technique Competition, please fill out the form below and answer the questions. Deadline for replies to 10 آذر ماه is. Finally, among the correct answers sent to Six people ( سه نفر از بین بانوان و سه نفر از بین آقایان ) Will be given a lottery gift.

The gift of this contest:

یکماه عضویت رایگان XCHARX 2 نفر
کارت تخفیف 50% XCHARX 2 نفر
کارت تخفیف 30% XCHARX 2نفر

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