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14 August

In order to improve performance and better service to your loved ones, the location of the Ladies Special Lady Branch was changed.

Jordan's Special Women's Branch will be ready to provide services to your loved ones in a new location in Jordan, Babak Bazram Street, 33rd Street.

Your loved ones can contact 88281128 at the headquarters of the Superior Sport Technique Center headquarters for more information on the time of preparation and start-up of this branch.

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How to choose your gym shoes?

26 Avalanche

این جمله را بارها شنیده ایم که «پا قلب دوم بدن انسان است» برای سالم ماندن پا مهم ترین نکته استفاده از کفش مناسب و مخصوص هر فعالیت است، چرا که هر فعالیتی نیروهای مختلفی به پا وارد می آورد که اگر این نیروها به وسیله کفش مخصوص به خوبی مهار نشود، آسیب‌های بسیاری متوجه پا و سایر اعضای بدن می‌شود. کفش ورزشی یکی از لوازم بسیار مهم برای انجام ورزش است. معمولاً اشتباهاتی در خرید یا نگه داری این کفش صورت می‌گیرد که اگر بر طرف نشوند باعث آسیب دیدگی‌ می‌شوند. مهم‌ترین وسیله ورزشی که برای هر ورزش متفاوت است؛ کفش ورزشی است. کفش مناسب تأثیر ورزش را بیشتر می‌کند و همین طور کفش نامناسب به ورزشکار آسیب می‌زند. فشارهای ناشی از کفش ورزشی نامناسب حین انجام فعالیت‌های ورزشی چند برابر می‌شود، در حالی که یک کفش ورزشی مناسب می تواند فشار وارد بر زانو و لگن را تعادل بخشد. معمولاً ورزشکاران حرفه‌ای کفش‌های خود را به صورت سفارش به شرکت‌های بزرگ و معتبر تولیدکننده تهیه می‌کنند. به این صورت که این شرکت‌ها ابتدا، قالب پاهای آن ورزشکار را تهیه نموده و سپس براساس اندازه، فرم و شکل پای شخص، کفش مخصوص آن ورزشکار را می‌سازند.

Tips on good sports shoes

Sport shoes with the right size are the essential part of any exercise. But finding the right shoes can be a challenge. Experts say that the use of non-standard shoes also has an adverse effect on the nerves, the mental and the human productivity. The most important members that have direct connection to the leg are the back and spine, which sees most damage from non-standard shoes. Also, the use of such shoes will disrupt walking and balance. While exercising, the use of shoes for each sport is important because every sport involves activities, movements and special conditions, and it is necessary to use special shoes for that field..

Providing the perfect sneakers, which today is one of the main tools of every sport, is very important for better exercise and has three main functions of foot protection, comfort and carriage. In general, anatomical and physiological elements simultaneously cause effective movement. It is very important to move three factors of safe movement, effective movement and quality movement.

The main anatomy of one foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and one group of ligaments. The leg structure plays a very important role. Kinetic and biomechanical sciences in the movement of the leg are highly dependent on each other. An average leg hits 10,000 times a day and averages an average of 186 thousand and 75 kilometers a lifetime.

Shoe selection

The American Foot and Ankle Association recommends that the type of shoe that you choose should be in accordance with the type of exercise that you are most likely to do. If you do some exercise three times a week, select the appropriate sneakers. The McKinley Health Center recommends that you take steps to choose shoes from afternoon to evening or after exercises when your legs are bigger. Stand footwear with sports socks and be sure to be sure of their size. From your thumb 1. 27 cm to the tip of the shoes and make sure you can easily shake your fingers. Bend the shoes and see it is not very flexible, because it shows less protection.

The advantages of proper shoes

Choosing the right shoe can help protect against common injuries depending on the type of exercise exercises. Good shoes can reduce the impact of the severity of the impact when placed on the ground. In addition, sports shoes can improve performance and ability.

General features of sneakers

Different sports fields require special shoes, but some common features in shoes are the same for all disciplines. In addition to the usual features commonplace in casual shoes, sports shoes must have special features, or have some essential elements in some areas..

سه عنصر بنیادی در همه کفش‌های خوب ورزشی عبارتنداز:

  • Flexibility for all movements of the foot
  • Stability or firmness to protect and protect sudden spins
  • Proper layering to absorb the impact and comfort of the whole leg

Shoes and foot injuries

کفش نامناسب ورزشی می‌تواند عامل آسیب‌های زیادی باشد. علاوه بر صدمات وارده مشخص، شامل شکستگی و در رفتگی‌های مچ، میخچه و پینه پا، التهاب تاندون، تاول زدن، سوزش و افتادن یا کبود شدن ناخن انگشت پا به علت نامناسب بودن کفش دیگر صدمه‌های کمتر شناخته شده نیز رایج هستند.کفش ورزشی یکی از لوازم بسیار مهم برای انجام ورزش است. معمولا اشتباهاتی در خرید یا نگه داری این کفش صورت می‌گیرد که اگر بر طرف نشوند باعث آسیب دیدگی‌ می‌شوند.

There are five common mistakes that usually affect athletes in their choice of shoes:

Use any shoe that's available: One of the biggest mistakes is to use any shoe that you already have for going to two, a walk or a particular sport. Old shoes may not have the performance you want and are inappropriate for your activity.

Choose the shoes that are inappropriate for selective sports: You should select the shoe that suits your sport. The shoes are two very different from tennis shoes or basketball.

Use of sneakers in all places: Shoes that are special for exercise should not be used for other work. If the gym shoes are used for walking or walking, it will soon be amortized. For yourself, buy a comfortable shoe and use sports shoes only for exercise. If you like the look of a shoe but do not wear shoes, it does not hurt your feet..

Shoe Replacement: The big mistake that people commit is that they change their shoes too late. Because they like it. When the shoe is depleted, it can cause pain in the knee, hip, and lower back. Runners should change their shoes after 480 to 800 kilometers. That is, if you exercise with your shoes every day, you should change it after six months.

Do not check footprint: Check the size of your feet every year. The size of the leg increases with age. Some people should use medical foam.

Choosing a Shoe with Personal Excellence: Do not decide on shoes alone until you are fully trained in your sport. It's best to go to a gym to use the help of a sports specialist to choose shoes. To buy sports shoes, only the length of the foot is not important, but the foot width is also considered.

In the following, we introduce the feature of several sports shoes:

walking shoes

The shoe we choose to walk should be in such a way that the leg does not crash when walking and is comfortable. The heel of the shoes should be quite soft and comfortable. This should be flexed easily by moving the leg. Lightweight, flexible sleeve shoes and perfect fit for a hiking boot.

Athletics shoes
In these shoes, the movement of the fingers in all directions (up, down, forward and flank) should be done with freedom. The most important point when shopping for athletics is to pay attention to the cumin and its location.

football shoe
The most important points in choosing football shoes are the attention to stoke and footwear. Stoke is important to avoid slipping and the procedure for playing with the ball. You need to look for a shoe to buy sport shoes that is suitable for sport first. These shoes should be constructed so as not to limit the physiological range of motion. Your foot should be comfortable inside the shoes and you can easily change direction, tap the ball and shoot. The shoe should also be designed to prevent wounds in the middle of the foot, while there is also the possibility of an appropriate arc movement to provide a better footing effect. Modern soccer shoes weighs about 250 grams. The indoor boot floor should be flat and non-stacked, but the floor of the chestnut should be sure to have a stoke..

Futsal shoes
Due to the increased pressure on the ligament, cartilage, especially the ankle, knee and thigh Achilles tendon thighs are desirable to have more impact..

Wrestling shoes
For proper performance of the movements, this shoe must have the flexibility, strength and endurance. Also, due to the glossy and lizziness of the floor, the boat hulls should be fitted to the bottom of the dentin for friction. To protect as much as possible from the ankle during the movements, these shoes should have a long lifter.

hiking boots
A good mountaineering shoes should have at least four attributes. First, the Liz shoes did not eat, that is, the cumin should be of good quality. The second feature is that the water can not be easily inserted into the shoes, so that it does not curl the foot, and the fourth and most important feature is that the shoe should be so sturdy that the foot will not be damaged by the falling stone..

Fitness and aerobics shoes
This string includes moves like walking, skipping, jumping, and so on. Therefore, these shoes should be relatively lightweight and have a good blow job. In an appropriate aerobic shoe, the middle, outer, and heel sides must be fully supported, and the front part of the shoe also has a good impact. The heel of the shoes should also be slightly tall.

Basketball shoes
Moving forward, sudden stops and moving side by side are the basics of moving in the basketball field. Therefore, the leg shoe should be fairly long and heel firm. To minimize the friction inside the shoes, double-sided shoes are also suitable for basketball. Among the indoor sports shoes, the thickest heels are basketball shoes.

Volleyball shoes
The movements of this sport are almost the same as basketball, but the thickness of the volleyball shoes is shorter than the basketball shoes, and the legs of this type of shoe are shorter. Calf shoes for volleyball should be of the crepe, because jumping is one of the main pillars of volleyball sports. Another point that should be taken into consideration when buying volleyball shoes is that it should be about five centimeters long.

در نهایت انتخاب یک کفش مناسب و استاندارد با توجه به رشته و فعالیت ورزشی؛ می‌تواند ضامن سلامتی پاها و ستون فقرات شما باشد.

Getting to know Holahup and its benefits

30 January

The hollow or sling loop is one of those sports equipment that has many fans as well تجهیزات ورزشی فیتنس و کراس فیت در باشگاه ها و سالن های ورزشی مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد. اما آنچه که به محبوبیت هولاهوپ افزوده، این است که امکان استفاده از این وسیله ورزشی در خانه It is also provided.

During the ancient Greek Olympics, the use of bamboo wood rings was common among athletes. Usually, athletes used these wooden rings to entertain people and even get the olive branch as a reward for their efforts. Despite the fact that more than a hundred years have passed since the ancient Olympic Games, these rings are still used by friends. مواد سنتی برای حلقه‌ها عبارتند از: بید، چوب خیزران، انگور و گیاهان سخت. امروزه آنها معمولاً از لوله‌های پلاستیکی ساخته می‌شوند.

هولاهوپ حلقه‌ای است که در سالن‌های ورزشی و کلاس‌های ایروبیک جای خود را باز کرده و از آن برای انجام حرکات‌ چرخشی دور کمر، شکم، ران، بازو و… استفاده می‌شود. به تناسب جثه‌ی افرادی که می‌خواهند از این وسیله استفاده کنند، هولاهوپ‌های مخصوص کودکان‌ به‌ قطر ۷۱ سانتی‌متر و ویژه‌ی بزرگسالان‌ به قطر ۱۰۲ سانتی‌متر ‌توصیه می‌شود. وقتی هولاهوپ می‌زنید، همه اندام‌های بدن درگیر می‌شوند. درحالتی که به شکل رایج آن هولاهوپ بزنید، عضله‌های شکم – کمر درگیر بوده و کالری متمرکز شده در این نواحی به مصرف می‌رسند. اما اگر از این حلقه برای حرکت‌های ورزش دیگری هم استفاده کنید، نقاط دیگر نیز درگیر شده و میزان کالری سوزی آن متفاوت خواهد بود. اما در حالت کلی به ازای هر نیم ساعت هولاهوپ زدن، بسته به تداوم حرکت، سرعت و شکل انجام ورزش، ۱۲۰ تا ۳۰۰ کالری انرژی مصرف خواهد شد.
So, if you take halacha three times a week for a half-hour and follow the diet, at the end of the month, 7 and a half to 15.5 centimeters will decrease your waist! This is while your only need to do this is to pay Holahup and do this exercise at home or the nearest nearby parking lot..

The Holahup ring is most involved with the abdominal muscles. This conflict involves external and internal muscles. The movement of the hollow ring in this area causes tightening of the abdominal muscles, preventing the accumulation of fat in these areas and, of course, burning excess fats accumulated in the area..
Smooth muscles, longitudinal muscles, and internal and external diagonal muscles. In addition, the muscles and the lower back muscles and the lower and higher parts of it are also directly affected..
These muscles are involved in the normal use of halahup, ie, their rotation in the waist-abdomen. If other sports are taken with it, it's natural that the muscles and muscles of the other areas will also be affected..

نکته مهم درباره ورزش با هولاهوپ، درگیری ماهیچه‌های سطحی و داخلی به طور همزمان است. به همین دلیل تأثیر این ورزش بر چربی سوزی ولاغری بسیار زیاد است.
It's better if exercise with holahops begins at a young age. The rotation of the hollow ring in different areas of the body will strengthen the muscles of the body. From the muscles of the body, the abdominal region - the waist requires more formation than any other area. So, by buying a decent hollow and the size of children, you can help them get their muscles sooner and better.

When planning to use the hollow tube, try to wear suitable sportswear and avoid wearing loose and loose clothing. Avoid closing the bracelet, watch or any other device that causes the ring to be ringed. Stand somewhere that is open and the spin of the ring does not interfere with the body .

HollowHop has different sizes. If the size does not fit the age and the ability to rotate and maintain balance, it turns into an inertial ring that does not have any sporting effect..
Of course, the size of a hollow can be changed by removing or adding connection loops. But it's better to buy the right hollow from the beginning. It is very important to observe this point, especially for the types that are not fragmented. حلقه لاغری یا هولاهوپ مناسب سنین مختلف به شرح زیر می باشد:

For children under the age of ten, the small size of the hollow are appropriate.
10 to 14 years old: For this age group, the average size is appropriate.
14 years old: Great size for this age group.

Holahup also has several types of applications:

  • Sponge Hollow
  • Holahup uPatrick
  • Holagap Magnetic

And this variation in the size and application of Holahup allows the athlete to choose his sporting equipment based on his age and needs.

How to play sports with holahp

To exercise with a hollow, you should stand in front of the mirror and put the hollow in your waist. The main thing in this exercise is that you should concentrate on keeping your waist, and preventing your waist from turning around.
برای این کار باید حرکات موزونی به کمر و باسن خودتان بدهید تا از افتادن آن حین چرخش پیشگیری کنید؛ که این کار باعث تقویت عضلات شما و سوزاندن کالری می‌شود. شما با هر یک ساعت ورزش با هولاهوپ حدود ۴۰۰ کالری می‌سوزانید که دقیقا مشابه همین میزان انجام حرکات ایروبیک خواهد بود. شما می‌توانید در ابتدا ورزش کردن با هولاهوپ را با انداختن آن دور کمرتان و چرخاند آن آغاز کنید ولی بعد از آن اجازه دهید که همه بدن شما در این ورزش سهیم شوند و چرخاندن آن را دور گردن و بازوهایتان نیز تجربه کنید.The main thing is that you do not have a lot of stretch on your muscles. بعد از کسب این مهارت که یک حلقه را به دور کمر خود نگه دارید و بچرخانید می توانید چرخش چند حلقه را تجربه کنید. این کار به تمرکز شما کمک می‌کند و در عین حال موجب می‌شود کالری بیشتری بسوزانید. به عنوان پیشنهاد دیگر، می‌توانید حلقه‌های دیگر هولاهوپ را روی زمین بگذارید و در حین چرخاندن یک حلقه دور کمرتان از روی دیگر حلقه‌ها بپرید. در دنیای غرب حتی رقص‌های ویژه‌ای با هولاهوپ وجود دارد که به‌خصوص در ‌هاوایی رایج است و انواع حرکات نمایشی با آن مانند گرداندن هولاهوپ‌های آتشین در برخی از نمایش‌ها و سیرک‌ها به دور بدن رایج است.

شورای ورزشی آمریکا نیز در مورد فواید حلقه و اندازه گیری میزان سختی و کالری سوزاندن آن تحقیق و بررسی کرده است، به طوری که چند داوطلب خانم در رده­ی سنی شانزده تا پنجاه و نه سال که برخی در حلقه­ زدن ابتدایی و برخی دیگر حرفه ­ای بودند؛ انتخاب کرده است. هر داوطلب باید سی و پنج دقیقه از حلقه­ هولاهوپ استفاده می‌کرد، در حالی که هر کدام مجهز به آنالیزر مصرف اکسیژن و مانیتور نشان دهنده ‌ی ضربان قلب بودند که در فواصل هر یک دقیقه طی نیم ساعت، شرایط را مورد بررسی قرار می دادند و فشار درک شده (مقیاس آر پی ای بورگ) برای هر فرد در هر پنج دقیقه مورد بررسی قرار می‌گرفت.

After reviewing the data, they found that the loop causes the person to burn seven calories per minute, which in half an hour will be 200 calories. The average heart rate per minute was one hundred and fifty one times. The average oxygen consumption per kg body weight per minute is 20.6 ml and its perceived pressure is about tough..

پس حلقه­ ی هولاهوپ می­تواند شمارا در کاهش وزن ولاغری سریع کمک کند و در زیبایی اندام شما نقش داشته باشد. همچنین با انجام حرکات مختلف با حلقه هولاهوپ می­ توانید تمام بدن را حرکت دهید و تعادل بدنی و انعطاف بدنی خود را بالا ببرید، ماهیچه­‌ی پشتی، شکم، بازوها و پاها را قوی کنید. حرکت دادن باسن از سمت به سمت دیگر برای اینکه حلقه را دور کمر در حال چرخش نگه دارد، باعث می شود تمام ماهیچه های مرکزی فعالیت کنند و حالت ریتمیک بودن حلقه زدن مخصوصاً اگر همراه با موسیقی شاد مورد علاقه‌تان باشد می‌تواند برای شما آرامش روحی و شادابی ونشاط به همراه داشته باشد.

"Prepared for the Top Electronic Technique Magazine"

What are some successful and famous people doing?

27 January

All people have a unique style and style throughout their lives. Lifestyle actually includes our own interests, opinions, behaviors and habitsBe. عادت‌های درست و نادرست در سلامت زندگی ما نقش مؤثری دارند. ورزش و فعالیت‌های فیزیکی و ذهنی اگر به صورت مستمر و روزانه انجام بگیرد و تبدیل به یک عادت شود می‌تواند بر روی جنبه‌ها و ابعاد مختلف زندگی تأثیر بسزایی داشته باشد؛ به طوری که بر اساس تحقیقات انجام شده اغلب افراد موفق روز خود را با ورزش آغاز می‌کنند. ورزش به دلیل تأثیری که بر روی Mental health افراد دارد می تواند در موفقیت و روند زندگی افراد نقش پررنگی داشته و موجب بالا رفتن توانایی روحی وروانی آن‌ها شود. بیشتر کسانی که به عنوان یک فرد موفق و معروف در جامعه تلقی می‌شوند؛ ورزش را به عنوان جزء جدانشدنی برنامه‌ی روزانه خود می‌دانند و توجه ویژه‌ای به سلامت جسمی و روحی خود دارند.

Here are some examples of well-known and well-known people who do sports on their daily agenda.


یکی از عواملی که در دنیای بازیگران مهم و ضروری جلوه می‌کند؛ ورزش کردن به صورت حرفه‌ای است. یک بازیگر به دلیل نقش‌هایی که ایفا می‌کند باید بدنی قوی و نرم داشته باشد و این امر بین زن و مرد فرقی نمی‌کند.Many male actors in the world of cinema do not use for the action roles, which is because of their professionalism in the field of sports. One of these well-known Jackie Chan is, and although the actor has been damaged many times, he is still very handsome in combat roles. .

Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson، Cultural Work and the Hero of the 8th World, Dvd Crystal and Actor American است. ورزش کردن بزرگ‌ترین بخش زندگی دواین جانسون است. او هر روز قبل از سپیده دم از خواب بیدار می شود تا ورزش های سخت و رژیم غذایی که در طول روز ادامه دارد را آغاز کند. او بعد از یک فنجان قهوه به مدت ۳۰ الی ۵۰ دقیقه ورزش هوازی انجام می‌دهد. دواین جانسون رژیم سختی می گیرد و یکی از عادت‌های خوبی که دارد این است که غذاها را زودتر از موعد مقرر خودش آماده می کند.

اPray Gill Winfrey Oprah Gail Winfrey producer, Actress Moderator, Benevolent, Winner Oscar , Candidate The Golden Globe Award and the most famous and most famous Presenter Television America و the world است.

Opera Winfrey is one of the most successful and famous people who begins their day with meditation. He later, with Deepak Chopra, a well-known Indian writer and physician who is renowned for the promotion of medicine among many people in different countries, began a 21-day meditation challenge that helped hundreds of thousands to help them with their health. Boost daily meditation.


group one direction, A group of British-Irish male popes who quickly progressed and progressed, and their albums ranked first in the world's bestselling categories. This group is very popular among Iranian teenagers It is made up of five people; these five boys who appeared in the UK's nominee for scandal and quickly spoke. Currently, members of the group are engaged in solitary confinement at a time when the members of the Nailoran group, Liam Payne Harry styles و Louis Tomlinson در کنارهم فعالیت می‌کردند؛ The first law was the group of collective sports.

The boys of this group, together with the best martial arts instructors, trained to perfect their body. They participated daily in boxing classes and bodybuilding exercises, including heavyweight work and running on treadmill. Working with heavy weights was in their main program to keep the muscles in their best shape and get the best volume. By doing this, not only is muscle building, but also the metabolism is increased and calories burned at the end of each training session.

Boxing is also due to the fact that in this sport almost all muscles of the body are involved. This sport is the best choice for people who decide to have a flat stomach and six pieces. All members of the group decided to put their stomach into six pieces.

Other group sports programs include exercise before bedtime.

How many members of the team do just one hour before going to bed. By doing so, not only does sleep time get shorter, but also sleep quality increases. Research suggests that exercise before bedtime can increase muscle strength and endurance, and help melt excess body fluids.

By approaching the end of the day, the body's activity gradually diminishes and prepares itself for sleep. For this reason, foods eaten at night are more likely to become fat. Having a little mobility at this time can offset your body weight. This has been particularly effective in watering the fat around the abdomen.


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, The second and fourth Russian President after the collapse of the Soviet Union, who led the Russian economy from the severe crisis of the 1990s to a significant stability and growth in the 21st century..Some people recognize him as the most athletic president of the world. From the slums and plagues of the former Soviet Union to the powerful presence in the world, from zero to a hundred is the life of a man whose sport is an important part of his pastimes and pleasures..

The Russian president is focusing on exercises like judo, swimming, cycling, boxing, athletics, weightlifting, various traditional and modern martial arts, shooting in various disciplines, and so on.

Exercise has occupied a significant part of Putin's life and may have been ineffective in his reputation. Exercise for world politics has always been a weapon to increase popularity and proximity to the people.

اوباما، The former president of the United States used his morning program to prepare himself for the day he was ahead. Obama did not sleep for 4 hours at night and spent time waking up on small decisions like what to wear or what to eat. He preferred to spend his energy on big decisions. Obama ran aerobic exercise for 45 minutes each morning.

Famous Models

داوتسن کروس، این مدل هلندی که در سال ۲۰۰۸ تبدیل به یکی از “فرشتگان ویکتوریا سکرت” شد، با صراحت در مورد استانداردهای غیر واقع بینانه‌ای که بر صنعت مد حاکم شده Was talking And it has a lot of emphasis on fitness and physical health than crazy slips. داوتسنِ بیست و نه ساله، از طرفداران تناسب اندام به کمک روش‌های قدیمی، به ویژه ورزش‌های هوازی مانند طناب زدن، دویدن، بوکس و ایروبیک است. این مانکن تأکید دارد در برنامه‌ی غذایی خود از غذاهای طبیعی مثل مرغ و سالاد که با سیب زمینی و گل کلم همراه شده باشد، استفاده می کند.

Adriana Lima، Another Victorian secret model is trying to maintain a beautiful and exceptional form of limb, despite the changes that were made after the birth of its two infants. Lima trained his athletic training under his own coach, Michael Olajid (Michael Olajide), At the Aerospa club (Aerospace) New York City. He is practicing just like a professional warrior several times a week and every 90 minutes.

این جلسات فوق العاده سخت شامل دوره‌های طولانی مدت ایروبیک و پرش است، لیما به طور منظم عکس‌هایی از خودش را که در حال تمرینات سخت و عرق ریختن است، در صفحه ی اینستاگرامش قرار می‌دهد. این مدل در مصاحبه‌ای گفته بود که تمرینات بوکس به او کمک می‌کند که سلامت خودش را برای ماندن در مقام فرشتگان ویکتوریا سکرت حفظ کند.

او گفته بود: “می خواستم از سلامت جسمانی خوبی برخوردار باشم و بعلاوه ورزشی را پیدا کنم که با روحیاتم سازگار باشد. پس رشته های مختلفی را امتحان کردم از جمله: دوچرخه سواری در سالن، ایروبیک، پیاده روی و یوگا بعد از آن، بوکس را امتحان کردم و عاشقش شدم، اشتیاق زیادی به بوکس پیدا کردم . من عاشق سختی این ورزش هستم و به نظر من از بهترین نوع ورزش‌های هوازی است. بدن شما روی فرم می آید و لاغرتر می‌شوید ولی ماهیچه‌هایتان بد فرم و پر حجم نمی‌شوند و خسته کننده هم نیست.”

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Fitness or Fitness! Which is your choice ??

۲۳ January

بدنسازی و فیتنس دو واژه‌ی آشنا در علم ورزش امروز می‌باشند. در این مقاله به تفاوت‌های اساسی بین این دو ورزش می‌پردازیم.

عموم مردم بدنسازی و فیتنس را معادل هم قرار داده و گاهی با یکدیگر اشتباه می‌گیرند و تفاوتی بین این دو قائل نیستند در نتیجه ممکن است انتخاب های نادرستی داشته باشند و از هدف خود در انجام تمرینات ورزشی دور شوند. مهم‌ترین و اصلی‌ترین تفاوت بین بدنسازی و فیتنس هدف از انجام این ورزش‌ها می‌باشد.هدف از بدنسازی حجیم کردن عضلات بوده و به برآمدگی و برجستگی عضلات توجه می‌شود. در حالی که هدف از انجام ورزش‌های فیتنس و کراس فیت تناسب اندام و رسیدن به یک اندام خوش فرم است.به همین دلیل تمایل به انجام فیتنس در خانم‌ها و بدنسازی در آقایان بیشتر می‌باشد.

sports program:

بدنسازی معمولا به یک فعالیت ورزشی دائمی برای یک دوره ۳ یا ۴ بار در هفته به شکل ممتد نیاز دارد. در هر جلسه دوساعت تمرین با هل دادن، لیفت کردن وکشیدن وزنه‌های سنگین سپری می‌شود. قانون کلی و عمومی در علم ورزش وجود دارد که وزنه زدن را نسبتاً آسان‌ترین راه برای رسیدن به توده‌ی عضلانی می‌داند.تمرینات بدنسازان معمولاً متشکل از تعداد کمی تکرار با میزان وزنه‌ی بالا است بنابراین شدت تمرینات در بدنسازی بالا می باشد و تغییر در برنامه ورزشی هر هفته الزامی است.در فیتنس شدت حرکات کمتر و زمان انجام این ورزش کوتاه‌تر است. حدود ۴۵ دقیقه در هر جلسه ورزشی کافی می‌باشد و تمریناتی که باید انجام شود نیمی هوازی و نیمی دیگر تمرین با وزنه‌های سبک است و تغییر در برنامه ورزشی فیتنس هر ۴ هفته یک بار می باشد.

ورزش هوازی در مدت نسبتاً طولانی، باعث می شود ضربان قلب بالا برود و فرد تندتر نفس بکشد و این منجر به اکسیژن رسانی بیشتر می‌شود؛ اکسیژن رسانی به بافت‌ها، سوخت و ساز را افزایش می‌دهد و چربی سوزی رخ خواهد داد؛ این بدان معنی نیست که فیتنس کارها نیازی به عضله ندارند؛ به طور کلی عضلات بافت بسیار با ارزشی هستند که انرژی بدن را تأمین می‌کنند و باعث بهبود متابولیسم می‌شوند؛ بنابراین در فیتنس نیز عضله ساخته می‌شود و به نفع تناسب اندام می‌باشد؛ ولی در این شیوه فرد به عضلات بسیار برجسته و حجیم دستپیدا می‌کند.


پروتئین عنصر سازنده عضلات است به همین علت بدنسازان لازم است که برای حجیم کردن عضلات خود تغذیه و رژیم غذایی که حاوی پروتئین بیشتری باشد را رعایت کنند این افراد باید گوشت، ماهی، لبنیات و سفیده تخم مرغ به فور بخورند. اما در فیتنس داستان تغذیه متفاوت است. فیتنس اساساً به معنای ” متناسب بودن” است و نیازی به خوردن یک غذای خاص برای متناسب ماندن نیست. فیتنس بیشتر بر خوردن غذای سالم مانند سالاد، سبزیجات و میوه تکیه دارد. و بیشتر کسانی که فیتنس کار می‌کنند اینگونه به نظر می‌رسد که در حال کم کردن چربی هستند.

Overweight people in their fitness should reduce their calories and avoid at least for some time consuming fatty, sweet and starchy foods.. استفاده از مکمل‌های ورزشی مانند پودرهای پروتئین در میان بدنسازان بیشتر بوده و جزیی از رژیم غذایی آنها محسوب می‌شود. تفاوت اصلی میان برنامه غذایی بدنسازان و فیتنس کاران در میزان کالری مصرفی آن‌ها می‌باشد. مدل‌های فیتنس حرفه‌ای بیشتر از ۲۵۰۰ کالری در روز مصرف نمی‌کنند اما بدنسازان به طور منظم بیشتر از ۵۰۰۰کالری در روز مصرف می‌کنند که ۵۰ درصد آن را پروتئین تشکیل می‌دهد و بقیه آن شامل کربوهیدرات، میوه‌جات و سبزی‌جات است.

In general, bodybuilding and fitness are considered to be branches of a tree, and this is what you are choosing which of these branches, sports and activities.

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Sports and baby

۲۳ December

Children are the future of our society; for the sake of having healthy children and clear future, the habit of exercise as a daily and continuous activity of our children will begin from the beginning of their physical, psychological and social development, and from the electronic world Or the so-called low-mobility world today. In general, exercise and mobility are part of the lives of children. A person begins to move from the beginning to the mother's womb until his life is over. So the question is:

آیا تحرک‌های طبیعی و بازی‌های کودکانه می‌تواند جایگزین ورزش کودکان شود؟

The answer to this question is good; if you ignore the amusement, recreational and pleasure aspects of exercise, its social and behavioral aspects, which lead to skills such as patience, will, perseverance and spirit of cooperation at an early age, can not be neglected. .

Exercise and continuous mobility do not include only the physical aspects of the child, but mentally and mentally preparing him to accept important issues in his future life. But appropriate sports for children vary from one age to the next. Parents should choose appropriate exercises, taking into account their child's age and physics. Children can be divided into three age groups of two to five years (2-5), six to seven years (7-6), and eight years old.

Suitable exercises for the first age group are simple and basic. The best exercises for these ages are simple moves that are similar to the game and you can exercise with him without sending him to a special sports class. Playing with a light ball, pedaling with a small bike or a tricycle and playing in the water can be the right options for your child. What is important in this age is the parental relationship because its motor abilities are limited and need to be accompanied.

Appropriate sports for a group of six to seven years can find team and team aspects. In this age, there is more coordination between his motor movements. Parents can register their child in clubs or sports classes according to their budget and strengthen the spirit of co-operation with other children. Regarding the age of the child, the instructor can play a role with him and gradually the child's separation from the parents is provided. Sports such as swimming, gymnastics, soccer and martial arts are among the most appropriate sports of this age.

The appropriate sports of the eight-year-old range include a wide range of children, and they can professionally pursue their favorite sport. At this age, physical abilities, as well as the power of concentration and the amount of learning they have grown, can be used for ball sports such as volleyball, basketball and other exercises that have a bit of spinning speed such as skiing, skating, and so on.

Along with choosing the right and exciting sport for the child, parents should think about how they can strengthen the continuity of their sports activities. Creating a spirit of cooperation with activities such as walking, mountaineering, and cycling alongside a family of young ages can be an important and effective factor in creating interest in various sports fields in the child. Valuing for children as winners and losers reduces their passion and discouragement. So, considering the interest, physical fitness, age and backgrounds created in the home environment, you can choose a sport that leads to physical and mental development and health.

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Forbidden Sports For Women

08 Shahrivar

Some believe that some sports are dangerous to the health of the body and soul of women, and it is better for women not to do these exercises, and there are sports that are of great importance in women's health and highly recommend these exercises. To be If you want to know what kind of sports are not suitable for women and what sports are highly recommended, we will offer you the following article.

Are you afraid of dyspnea?

Do not leave horseback riding
Dr. Berries: Horseback riding Health does not threaten women who do not face a particular problem and disease and it is unlikely that one, two hours of horse riding per week will cause a particular problem. What is likely to increase the incidence of uterus is chronic constipation, repeated labor and non-exercise of pelvic floor muscle, which can cause muscle relaxation in that area.

Are you pregnant

Do not swim Waterproof
Dr. Berries: Going to the pool does not endanger all pregnant women. But those who advise to have a rest and abortion are threatened, it is best to say goodbye to the pool for some time. On the other hand, pregnant women are more at risk than others. These people should not go too far, and even to stop abortion, they may have to sew the cervix. Because many pregnant women have a history of infertility and infertility, many of them have to be more careful about their activities during the course of their lives. However, if a woman has no medical precautions to go to the pool, the presence of chloride in pools does not threaten her and her fetus.
Many women, especially during pregnancy, do not go to the pool for fear of mushrooms and infections. If the bottle referred to is hygienic and standard, women can be washed with a sanitary gel or a mixture of water and beverage before and after the pool and are not worried about the infection. But even if there is no concern about the infection and the fungus, swimming is less recommended for pregnant women. So in these months, ladies are better off going slowly than swimming in water.

Is your muscle weak?

Work Yoga
دکتر برجیس: ورزش‌های ریلکسی و کششی مناسب‌ترین گزینه برای خانم‌ها هستند. درحالی که این حرکات عضلات بدن خانم‌ها را تقویت می‌کنند، فشاری به هیچ یک از ارگان‌های بدن آنها نمی‌آورند. البته اگر فردی در ناحیه خاصی آسیب دیده باید با مشورت پزشک متخصص و کارشناس ورزشی حرکات مناسب را تعیین کند. در دوره بارداری ممکن است خانم‌ها بسته به شرایط جسمی خود برای انجام برخی حرکات محدودیت داشته باشند. اما به طور کلی، yoga و دیگر ورزش‌های کششی نه تنها به آرامش ذهن خانم‌ها کمک می‌کنند بلکه سلامت و قدرت عضلانی را هم برای‌شان به ارمغان می‌آورند.

Dr. Abedi: Gymnastics, although in the category of stretching exercises, is hard to come by. Especially, the movements that an athlete does on the mattress requires high bone strength. These gestures may cause strokes, wrists, fractures, or aggravated bone growth. For this reason, it is not advisable to do this sport for adolescents at the height of their growth. Performing gymnastics as a fun at maturity is not a problem, but doing it professionally may be troublesome for all teens, especially girls who have more delicate bones.

Do you spend menstruation?

Do not leave bodybuilding
Dr. Abedi Yekta: Gymnastics is one of the exercises that women are advised to do. This sport is also done in the form of work with the device and in the form of sports without a device. There are no restrictions on exercise and even bodybuilding during the menstrual cycle, and women who have been men of the same age are sports champions, but since the distribution of water in the body is different from other days of the month, women who intend to exercise in It's a few days, they should consume more water. Only those who have limitations in doing these moves are elderly people who need to exercise with lighter weight. Women who do not want to increase their muscle volume and only want their muscles to gain more strength and strength, it is better to do these movements with lighter but repetitive weights.

Dr. BERRIS: Maybe the dumbbell does not threaten the health of the body, but those who have poor pelvic floor muscles do not strengthen these muscles with regular exercise, it's better to avoid exercising with dumbbells. Such movements push into the abdomen and affect the urethra.

Bladder dissipation?

Do not rope
Dr Abedi Yekta: The fact that the rope is harmful to the health of women is a completely false claim. The rope is a very useful exercise for ladies and can prevent knee pain, which is one of the common health problems in this group. In addition to this, the gymnasium is equilibrium, and its regular routine causes women who have osteoporosis problems in middle age and aging to work more balanced and less likely to suffer from impulsiveness.

دکتر برجیس: افتادگی مثانه یکی از مشکلات شایع در خانم‌هاست، کسانی که با این عارضه روبه‌رو هستند تا پیش از کامل شدن روند درمان‌شان نباید ورزش طناب‌زنی را انتخاب کنند.

Worried about the ovaries?

Continue the taekwondo
دکتر برجیس: انجام ورزش‌های رزمی اگر با مشاوره کارشناس ورزش صورت گیرد، مشکلی را برای سلامت خانم‌ها به وجود نمی‌آورد اما گرم کردن بدن قبل از انجام حرکات اهمیت زیادی دارد و البته افراد باید در طول زمان حرکات پیشرفته‌تر را تمرین کنند و آرام آرام و زیر نظر کارشناس حرکات شدید‌تر را انجام دهند. با این وجود، مسلم است که باز کردن و پرتاب کردن پاها در ورزش‌های رزمی و ضربه دیدن بدن از روی لباس‌های ورزشی مشکلی برای سلامت خانم‌ها به وجود نمی‌آورد.

Dr. Abedi: Hockey, boxing, wrestling, dive, and athletic exercises for most athletes in these areas, but this is more common in women because of lower physical activity. However, martial arts can not be harmful to women. Some people mistakenly say that blows to the abdomen and pelvis in these exercises damage the ovaries and increase menstrual pains, but the fact is that the ovaries are located in the pelvis and protected by the pelvis.

Principles for running

31 August

If you want to start running, you should better understand the basics of running. A runner must first go through the body's preparation steps for proper running, in order to achieve the desired result. We have brought some effective strategies for an aerobic exercise in this section, we hope you will study and take the necessary care.
Running is an important exercise in aerobic training. Although everyone is aware of this issue, many people can not use it because they do not know how to do a coded program.

1 Make sure your body is ready to run
If you have not done any exercise recently, try not to squeeze too much into your body, even if you feel cheerful, otherwise you will be harming your body. Also, if you are over 50 or suffering from diseases such as diabetes (diabetes) or heart disease, consult your doctor before starting to run.

2 Assess your fitness level
You may feel that you have a high level of physical fitness, but in order to be sure, you should find a series of familiar numbers. Take a 1-kilometer walk. Count your heart rate exactly before and immediately after the start. Also, if you have a better body, you can run a 2-kilometer route and count your heart rate according to the previous example. Write these numbers as echoes. After 6 weeks of continuous training, count your heart rate again before and after exercise. Compare the new digits with the digits you've already typed. Comparison of these figures shows your actual progress.

3 Target
If you do not know what you want, success does not matter to you. Define your goal from the beginning. For example, do you want to take a 5-km walk? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to have a good health? Keep in mind that by measuring the distance traveled, changes in your weight or blood pressure, depending on the purpose you set, can be used to evaluate your progress. The main point of this story is to increase your motivation.

4 Plan it
Apart from any goals you have, a well-designed program will help you to get there. This program should be daily; that is, your workout or rest day is set to you every day, has a definite start and finish, tells you when to rest, or when you can increase your running distance. It should also be designed to prevent your injury. Your training program should be designed by an advanced trainer. It is also advised to consult with a doctor afterwards.
Driving Routes Aerobic Exercise Preparations for Running

5 Have an easy start
To get started, it's best to start walking first, then slowly start running. A 150 minute walk or 75 minutes a week can be a good goal to start your aerobic exercise. This amount of training should be divided into exercises within a week.

6 Heat
Warming will make it easier for you to use your body. Also, the essential tips to avoid Cramps And injuries. If you are planning a quick walk, try to walk slowly for about 5 to 10 minutes. If you also want to run, try to start it very slowly with walking or running.

7 Listen to your body
If you experience dizziness, boredom, or shortness of breath, you should stop practicing immediately because you are more likely to be overworked - exercising excessive body strength. In such a case, try to rest for a few days until your body is restored.

8 Cool down
This will restore your heart rate and blood pressure to normal. To do this, do it yourself, as you warm yourself, walk or run slowly for 5 to 10 minutes.

9 warm-up exercises
When you move, your muscles get more contractile strain. Performing stretching helps to release joints and reach blood to those areas. Note that you should do stretching exercises after running, not before. Try to slowly perform these gestures and breathe in during it. Stay fixed for 30 seconds in each move. A sports instructor can help you with these moves.

10 Rest
Extreme passion and eagerness is very natural in the early days, but do not forget that you will be injured by exercising too much body power. As you start calmly at the beginning of your exercise program, having rest days is also a requirement of a training program. This will prevent your injury. In fact, the importance of resting days with the training days is one. As exercises work in your progress, resting days also have a direct impact on your health. Interesting thing is that resting can have a direct impact on speeding up and distance traveled by you. They give your body a chance to make your recovery more powerful

How to minimize muscle pain and cramps after exercise?

22 August

Anyone who has gone to the club or spent a day busy with heavy equipment has suffered muscle cramps. You think there's no problem until you've done it, but the next morning you wake up, you'll find it difficult to go to the bathroom and all of you are full of pain.

There are some ways to get better for those who are more likely than normal. Read this article to learn more about symptoms of delayed muscle pain and pain relief strategies and see when pain is overwhelming.

تاخیر در شروع درد عضلانی یا DOMS What is?

The delay in starting muscle pain is something that makes you say: "Today I can not walk! "It's pain 24 to 72 hours after exercise in its most severe condition. It is thought to be due to long-term exercise or excessive exercise, which causes small injuries and wounds on muscle fibers. After such a sport, if you continue to practice, the muscles will adapt quickly and prevent muscle damage and, consequently, muscle aches.

Why do we sometimes get it and others do not?

There are several reasons. Your muscle is improved and accustomed to become stronger. If you constantly get a weight with the same amount and intensity, because the muscle is used to it, it does not happen, so you have a normal state. In this case, increase the weights and see what happens.

Do you ever worry?

In most cases, no. If you are a beginner and go overboard in the first training period, you may have trouble moving around for about five days. But it's not a worry. You'll get better. What you need to worry about is baldness that is a breakthrough in muscle fibers - but for such a problem you have to be crazy!

The proverbial promise of treasure can not be true?

You do not have to feel pain at all times, be cool, sometimes recovering exercises to reduce pressure on the body. Some days you can also do aerobic exercises. It's crazy to have a lot of pressure on each exercise.

If you do not improve and develop, you may get frustrated, so sometimes it's a bit painful. If fit, you have more muscle fiber and your muscles are stronger, so you are much more efficient than those who are not active. All these are the motives for progress. Never forget your first training period for myself, as if a bus had been rejected twice!

Can we work to reduce muscle pain and cramping?

توصیه من این است که با آن کنار بیایید. می توانید خود را بکشید یا دوش آب گرم بگیرید اما در آخر باز باید منتظر عضله شوید تا خود التیام پیدا کند. غذاهای با کیفیت حاوی پروتئین میل کنید مقدار زیادی آب بنوشید و استراحت کنید. هرگز روز استراحت برای ریکاوری عضلات و عملکرد را فراموش نکنید.

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