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۲۳ January

Bodybuilding and Fitnes are two familiar words in today's sport science. In this article, we discuss the basic differences between these two exercises.

The general public equates fitness and fitness and sometimes mistakes each other and does not differentiate between the two. As a result, they may have mistaken choices and move away from their goal in exercising. The main and fundamental difference between fitness and fitness is the purpose of these exercises. The purpose of bodybuilding is to bulk the muscles and pay attention to the protuberance and prominence of the muscles. While the goal of fitness and fitness cross-fitness is fitness and reaching a well-formed body. For this reason, the tendency to do fitnes in women and bodybuilding is higher in men.

sports program:

Bodybuilding usually requires a permanent physical activity for a period of 3 or 4 times a week in a continuous fashion. In each session, a two-hour exercise takes place by pushing, lifting and lifting heavy weights. There are general and general rules in sport science that make weightweight the easiest way to reach the muscular mass. Bodybuilder training usually consists of a few repetitions with a high body weight, so the intensity of exercise is high in bodybuilding and changes in the exercise program each The week is mandatory. In Fitnes, the intensity of the movement is less and the duration of the exercise is shorter. Approximately 45 minutes per sporting session is sufficient and the exercises should be done in half an aerobic and the other half in light weight exercises and changes in fitness program every 4 weeks.

Aerobic exercise during a relatively long period of time causes the heart to go up and breathe the person faster, which results in more oxygenation; oxygenation into the tissues increases metabolism and fat burning; this does not mean Fetish does not require muscle; in general, muscle tissue is a very valuable body that provides body energy and improves metabolism; therefore, in the fitnes, muscle is also built for fitness, but in this way, the individual has muscles Very prominent and bulky.


Protein is the muscle builder element, which is why bodybuilders are required to feed their muscles and eat a diet that contains more protein. They should eat meat, fish, dairy and egg whites. but in Fitnes is different feeding stories. fitness Basically, it means "fitting" and you do not need to eat a particular food to stay fit. Fitnes relies heavily on eating healthy foods such as salads, vegetables and fruits. And most people who work on the fitnes look like they are lowering fat.

Overweight people in their fitness should reduce their calories and avoid at least for some time consuming fatty, sweet and starchy foods..The use of sports supplements such as protein powders is higher among bodybuilders and is part of their diet. The main difference between bodybuilder and fitness program is their calorie intake. Professional fitness models do not consume more than 2,500 calories a day, but bodybuilders regularly consume more than 5,000 calories a day, 50% of which is a protein, and the rest includes carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

In general, bodybuilding and fitness are considered to be branches of a tree, and this is what you are choosing which of these branches, sports and activities.

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