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۲۳ December

Children are the future of our society; for the sake of having healthy children and clear future, the habit of exercise as a daily and continuous activity of our children will begin from the beginning of their physical, psychological and social development, and from the electronic world Or the so-called low-mobility world today. In general, exercise and mobility are part of the lives of children. A person begins to move from the beginning to the mother's womb until his life is over. So the question is:

Does natural mobility and children's play can replace children's sports?

The answer to this question is good; if you ignore the amusement, recreational and pleasure aspects of exercise, its social and behavioral aspects, which lead to skills such as patience, will, perseverance and spirit of cooperation at an early age, can not be neglected. .

Exercise and continuous mobility do not include only the physical aspects of the child, but mentally and mentally preparing him to accept important issues in his future life. But appropriate sports for children vary from one age to the next. Parents should choose appropriate exercises, taking into account their child's age and physics. Children can be divided into three age groups of two to five years (2-5), six to seven years (7-6), and eight years old.

Suitable exercises for the first age group are simple and basic. The best exercises for these ages are simple moves that are similar to the game and you can exercise with him without sending him to a special sports class. Playing with a light ball, pedaling with a small bike or a tricycle and playing in the water can be the right options for your child. What is important in this age is the parental relationship because its motor abilities are limited and need to be accompanied.

Appropriate sports for a group of six to seven years can find team and team aspects. In this age, there is more coordination between his motor movements. Parents can register their child in clubs or sports classes according to their budget and strengthen the spirit of co-operation with other children. Regarding the age of the child, the instructor can play a role with him and gradually the child's separation from the parents is provided. Sports such as swimming, gymnastics, soccer and martial arts are among the most appropriate sports of this age.

The appropriate sports of the eight-year-old range include a wide range of children, and they can professionally pursue their favorite sport. At this age, physical abilities, as well as the power of concentration and the amount of learning they have grown, can be used for ball sports such as volleyball, basketball and other exercises that have a bit of spinning speed such as skiing, skating, and so on.

Along with choosing the right and exciting sport for the child, parents should think about how they can strengthen the continuity of their sports activities. Creating a spirit of cooperation with activities such as walking, mountaineering, and cycling alongside a family of young ages can be an important and effective factor in creating interest in various sports fields in the child. Valuing for children as winners and losers reduces their passion and discouragement. So, considering the interest, physical fitness, age and backgrounds created in the home environment, you can choose a sport that leads to physical and mental development and health.

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