Forbidden Sports For Women

08 Shahrivar

Some believe that some sports are dangerous to the health of the body and soul of women, and it is better for women not to do these exercises, and there are sports that are of great importance in women's health and highly recommend these exercises. To be If you want to know what kind of sports are not suitable for women and what sports are highly recommended, we will offer you the following article.

Are you afraid of dyspnea?

Do not leave horseback riding
Dr. Berries: Horseback riding Health does not threaten women who do not face a particular problem and disease and it is unlikely that one, two hours of horse riding per week will cause a particular problem. What is likely to increase the incidence of uterus is chronic constipation, repeated labor and non-exercise of pelvic floor muscle, which can cause muscle relaxation in that area.

Are you pregnant

Do not swim Waterproof
Dr. Berries: Going to the pool does not endanger all pregnant women. But those who advise to have a rest and abortion are threatened, it is best to say goodbye to the pool for some time. On the other hand, pregnant women are more at risk than others. These people should not go too far, and even to stop abortion, they may have to sew the cervix. Because many pregnant women have a history of infertility and infertility, many of them have to be more careful about their activities during the course of their lives. However, if a woman has no medical precautions to go to the pool, the presence of chloride in pools does not threaten her and her fetus.
Many women, especially during pregnancy, do not go to the pool for fear of mushrooms and infections. If the bottle referred to is hygienic and standard, women can be washed with a sanitary gel or a mixture of water and beverage before and after the pool and are not worried about the infection. But even if there is no concern about the infection and the fungus, swimming is less recommended for pregnant women. So in these months, ladies are better off going slowly than swimming in water.

Is your muscle weak?

Work Yoga
Dr. Berries: Relaxation and stretching exercises are the best option for women. While these muscle movements enhance the body of the female body, they do not exert a pressure on any body organs. Of course, if a person is injured in a particular area, they should determine the proper movements in consultation with the expert physician and sports expert. During the pregnancy, women may have restrictions on some of their movements, depending on their physical condition. But in general, yoga And other stretching exercises not only help women's minds relax, but also bring them muscle health and strength.

Dr. Abedi: Gymnastics, although in the category of stretching exercises, is hard to come by. Especially, the movements that an athlete does on the mattress requires high bone strength. These gestures may cause strokes, wrists, fractures, or aggravated bone growth. For this reason, it is not advisable to do this sport for adolescents at the height of their growth. Performing gymnastics as a fun at maturity is not a problem, but doing it professionally may be troublesome for all teens, especially girls who have more delicate bones.

Do you spend menstruation?

Do not leave bodybuilding
Dr. Abedi Yekta: Gymnastics is one of the exercises that women are advised to do. This sport is also done in the form of work with the device and in the form of sports without a device. There are no restrictions on exercise and even bodybuilding during the menstrual cycle, and women who have been men of the same age are sports champions, but since the distribution of water in the body is different from other days of the month, women who intend to exercise in It's a few days, they should consume more water. Only those who have limitations in doing these moves are elderly people who need to exercise with lighter weight. Women who do not want to increase their muscle volume and only want their muscles to gain more strength and strength, it is better to do these movements with lighter but repetitive weights.

Dr. BERRIS: Maybe the dumbbell does not threaten the health of the body, but those who have poor pelvic floor muscles do not strengthen these muscles with regular exercise, it's better to avoid exercising with dumbbells. Such movements push into the abdomen and affect the urethra.

Bladder dissipation?

Do not rope
Dr Abedi Yekta: The fact that the rope is harmful to the health of women is a completely false claim. The rope is a very useful exercise for ladies and can prevent knee pain, which is one of the common health problems in this group. In addition to this, the gymnasium is equilibrium, and its regular routine causes women who have osteoporosis problems in middle age and aging to work more balanced and less likely to suffer from impulsiveness.

Dr. Bairys: Bladder distension is one of the common problems in women, those who experience this problem should not choose a wiggle exercise before they complete their treatment.

Worried about the ovaries?

Continue the taekwondo
Dr. Beriaz: If martial arts are conducted with expert counseling for sports, it does not pose a problem for women's health, but warming up the body before moving on, and of course, people should practice more advanced movements over time, slowly and below The expert's opinion will make more intense moves. However, it is certain that opening and throwing legs in martial arts and hitting the body on sports clothing does not pose a problem for women's health.

Dr. Abedi: Hockey, boxing, wrestling, dive, and athletic exercises for most athletes in these areas, but this is more common in women because of lower physical activity. However, martial arts can not be harmful to women. Some people mistakenly say that blows to the abdomen and pelvis in these exercises damage the ovaries and increase menstrual pains, but the fact is that the ovaries are located in the pelvis and protected by the pelvis.

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