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If you want to start running, you should better understand the basics of running. A runner must first go through the body's preparation steps for proper running, in order to achieve the desired result. We have brought some effective strategies for an aerobic exercise in this section, we hope you will study and take the necessary care.
Running is an important exercise in aerobic training. Although everyone is aware of this issue, many people can not use it because they do not know how to do a coded program.

1 Make sure your body is ready to run
If you have not done any exercise recently, try not to squeeze too much into your body, even if you feel cheerful, otherwise you will be harming your body. Also, if you are over 50 or suffering from diseases such as diabetes (diabetes) or heart disease, consult your doctor before starting to run.

2 Assess your fitness level
You may feel that you have a high level of physical fitness, but in order to be sure, you should find a series of familiar numbers. Take a 1-kilometer walk. Count your heart rate exactly before and immediately after the start. Also, if you have a better body, you can run a 2-kilometer route and count your heart rate according to the previous example. Write these numbers as echoes. After 6 weeks of continuous training, count your heart rate again before and after exercise. Compare the new digits with the digits you've already typed. Comparison of these figures shows your actual progress.

3 Target
If you do not know what you want, success does not matter to you. Define your goal from the beginning. For example, do you want to take a 5-km walk? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to have a good health? Keep in mind that by measuring the distance traveled, changes in your weight or blood pressure, depending on the purpose you set, can be used to evaluate your progress. The main point of this story is to increase your motivation.

4 Plan it
Apart from any goals you have, a well-designed program will help you to get there. This program should be daily; that is, your workout or rest day is set to you every day, has a definite start and finish, tells you when to rest, or when you can increase your running distance. It should also be designed to prevent your injury. Your training program should be designed by an advanced trainer. It is also advised to consult with a doctor afterwards.
Driving Routes Aerobic Exercise Preparations for Running

5 Have an easy start
To get started, it's best to start walking first, then slowly start running. A 150 minute walk or 75 minutes a week can be a good goal to start your aerobic exercise. This amount of training should be divided into exercises within a week.

6 Heat
Warming will make it easier for you to use your body. Also, the essential tips to avoid Cramps And injuries. If you are planning a quick walk, try to walk slowly for about 5 to 10 minutes. If you also want to run, try to start it very slowly with walking or running.

7 Listen to your body
If you experience dizziness, boredom, or shortness of breath, you should stop practicing immediately because you are more likely to be overworked - exercising excessive body strength. In such a case, try to rest for a few days until your body is restored.

8 Cool down
This will restore your heart rate and blood pressure to normal. To do this, do it yourself, as you warm yourself, walk or run slowly for 5 to 10 minutes.

9 warm-up exercises
When you move, your muscles get more contractile strain. Performing stretching helps to release joints and reach blood to those areas. Note that you should do stretching exercises after running, not before. Try to slowly perform these gestures and breathe in during it. Stay fixed for 30 seconds in each move. A sports instructor can help you with these moves.

10 Rest
Extreme passion and eagerness is very natural in the early days, but do not forget that you will be injured by exercising too much body power. As you start calmly at the beginning of your exercise program, having rest days is also a requirement of a training program. This will prevent your injury. In fact, the importance of resting days with the training days is one. As exercises work in your progress, resting days also have a direct impact on your health. Interesting thing is that resting can have a direct impact on speeding up and distance traveled by you. They give your body a chance to make your recovery more powerful

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