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How To Close The Belt Of Bodybuilding
Belt bodybuilding

Today, the body of the belt is the sport equipment needed by athletes in the clubs. There are many debates about using belts; some believe that under heavy weights should use their abilities to stabilize the body, but others point out the opposite.

The belt works like a wall that the abdominal muscles can rely on. The belt makes enough stress on the abdominal cavity to make it more stable in the deep parts of the body and the lumbar region. Increasing the pressure and reducing the space in the abdominal muscles will prevent the body from getting bloated by exercises like scots.

Because of the specific characteristics of the circulatory system in these areas, it is only necessary to use belts in special exercise exercises, such as scoot movements, ddlift, lift and all the exercises in the standing position. In sets close to the maximum pressure, when the pressure on the body is greater than 80% of maximum power, use it.

Some people think that belt closing for healthy bodybuilders and surgeons is totally unnecessary; but this is a mistake, but most people need to use belt for sports and bodybuilders to improve their performance and protect their spine.

Use of an exercise belt is essential during exercise or lifting exercises. Weightlifting belt When lifting heavy weights, the spine is placed in the correct position.

Best time to use belt

When you want to move a heavy object, first take a deep breath, lift your breath in your chest, raise or push the object, and when an exhale expires, you move your entirely Done. This breathing technique is called valsava maneuver. By actually holding the breath when the abdominal pressure rises, the individual's ability to improve the quality of the weight increases. In general, the main task of a belt is to increase the back support and increase the abdominal pressure.

Unlike what is believed to be among the people, the width behind the belt is not related to its performance. A standard bodybuilding belt is designed to have curved slices that fit the anatomy of the body, especially the lower back. The belt type defines its flexibility. The best type of sport belt is a belt made of several layers of high quality textiles or leather.

Belt Use Objectives:

  • More stimulation for muscle building in the target muscle
  • Eliminating a person from training injury injuries due to inaccurate weight displacement and incorrect technique.
  • Positive impact on athletic performance

types of Belt bodybuilding

Belts are divided into two types of practice and racing. The exercise belt will protect more members from damage and will have less protection against racing belts. The type of exercise and exercise can help with the selection of a suitable belt.

Close the way Sports belt

When using the belt, its tightness must be adjusted correctly. The belt is not loose or too tight. If the belt is tightened more than usual, the abdominal muscles do not contract well and thus reduce the function.

To hold your belt properly, hold a deep breath and hold the belt in its bottom, the lower edge of the belt, on both sides of the body on the two pelvic bumps, fill the entire back of the crotch with no hinges on the hip. And tighten the belt slightly enough to have a slight limitation in the contraction of the abdominal muscles.

By closing the belt firmly around the waist, the appearance of the body V looks more shrewd and therefore more serious in exercising.

The Benefits And Benefits Of Belt Clipping

  • Increase the pressure on the target muscle by creating more concentration and self-esteem during exercise
  • Enhance deep sense
  • Reduce the range of adjacent joints and keep them safe
  • Reduced pressure on weak and non-target muscles
  • Helping to have a better form during workouts
  • Help to have a better technique
  • More physical stimulation for muscle building in the target muscle
  • Avoiding a person from training injuries due to improper displacement of weights and techniques.

Damage caused by bodybuilding does not include disc herniation, disc thinning, muscle cramps and muscle rupture in the back and chronic low back pain. In general, the use of standard sports equipment and equipment in accordance with the sporting motions has a significant effect on the performance of athletes.

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