How to choose your gym shoes?

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It's been said many times that "the second heart is the human body." For the rest of the foot, the most important point is the use of proper and special shoes for every activity, because every activity brings with it different forces, if these forces are carried by the shoes Specially not being well restrained, many injuries affect the leg and other organs of the body. Sport shoes is one of the most important things to do. Usually there are mistakes in the purchase or maintenance of these shoes, which, if not resolved, will cause injury. The most important sporting device that is different for every sport is sport shoes. The shoes will increase the impact of exercise, as well as the inappropriate shoe that injures the athlete. Exercise-induced stresses are mild when doing sports, while a fitting sneakers can balance the pressure on the knee and hip. Usually, athletes buy their shoes for major and reputable manufacturers. In such a way, these companies first prepare the athlete's legs and then create the athlete's shoes according to their size, shape and shape.

Tips on good sports shoes

Sport shoes with the right size are the essential part of any exercise. But finding the right shoes can be a challenge. Experts say that the use of non-standard shoes also has an adverse effect on the nerves, the mental and the human productivity. The most important members that have direct connection to the leg are the back and spine, which sees most damage from non-standard shoes. Also, the use of such shoes will disrupt walking and balance. While exercising, the use of shoes for each sport is important because every sport involves activities, movements and special conditions, and it is necessary to use special shoes for that field..

Providing the perfect sneakers, which today is one of the main tools of every sport, is very important for better exercise and has three main functions of foot protection, comfort and carriage. In general, anatomical and physiological elements simultaneously cause effective movement. It is very important to move three factors of safe movement, effective movement and quality movement.

The main anatomy of one foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and one group of ligaments. The leg structure plays a very important role. Kinetic and biomechanical sciences in the movement of the leg are highly dependent on each other. An average leg hits 10,000 times a day and averages an average of 186 thousand and 75 kilometers a lifetime.

Shoe selection

The American Foot and Ankle Association recommends that the type of shoe that you choose should be in accordance with the type of exercise that you are most likely to do. If you do some exercise three times a week, select the appropriate sneakers. The McKinley Health Center recommends that you take steps to choose shoes from afternoon to evening or after exercises when your legs are bigger. Stand footwear with sports socks and be sure to be sure of their size. From your thumb 1. 27 cm to the tip of the shoes and make sure you can easily shake your fingers. Bend the shoes and see it is not very flexible, because it shows less protection.

The advantages of proper shoes

Choosing the right shoe can help protect against common injuries depending on the type of exercise exercises. Good shoes can reduce the impact of the severity of the impact when placed on the ground. In addition, sports shoes can improve performance and ability.

General features of sneakers

Different sports fields require special shoes, but some common features in shoes are the same for all disciplines. In addition to the usual features commonplace in casual shoes, sports shoes must have special features, or have some essential elements in some areas..

There are three basic elements in all the good sports shoes:

  • Flexibility for all movements of the foot
  • Stability or firmness to protect and protect sudden spins
  • Proper layering to absorb the impact and comfort of the whole leg

Shoes and foot injuries

Inappropriate sports shoes can cause a lot of damage. In addition to certain injuries, including fractures, wrists, cramps and bellies, tendon inflammation, blistering, burning and falling or bruising of the toenail due to inappropriate other footwear, less commonly known injuries are also common. One It is a very important device for exercise. Usually there are mistakes in buying or maintaining these shoes, which, if not resolved, will cause injury..

There are five common mistakes that usually affect athletes in their choice of shoes:

Use any shoe that's available: One of the biggest mistakes is to use any shoe that you already have for going to two, a walk or a particular sport. Old shoes may not have the performance you want and are inappropriate for your activity.

Choose the shoes that are inappropriate for selective sports: You should select the shoe that suits your sport. The shoes are two very different from tennis shoes or basketball.

Use of sneakers in all places: Shoes that are special for exercise should not be used for other work. If the gym shoes are used for walking or walking, it will soon be amortized. For yourself, buy a comfortable shoe and use sports shoes only for exercise. If you like the look of a shoe but do not wear shoes, it does not hurt your feet..

Shoe Replacement: The big mistake that people commit is that they change their shoes too late. Because they like it. When the shoe is depleted, it can cause pain in the knee, hip, and lower back. Runners should change their shoes after 480 to 800 kilometers. That is, if you exercise with your shoes every day, you should change it after six months.

Do not check footprint: Check the size of your feet every year. The size of the leg increases with age. Some people should use medical foam.

Choosing a Shoe with Personal Excellence: Do not decide on shoes alone until you are fully trained in your sport. It's best to go to a gym to use the help of a sports specialist to choose shoes. To buy sports shoes, only the length of the foot is not important, but the foot width is also considered.

In the following, we introduce the feature of several sports shoes:

walking shoes

The shoe we choose to walk should be in such a way that the leg does not crash when walking and is comfortable. The heel of the shoes should be quite soft and comfortable. This should be flexed easily by moving the leg. Lightweight, flexible sleeve shoes and perfect fit for a hiking boot.

Athletics shoes
In these shoes, the movement of the fingers in all directions (up, down, forward and flank) should be done with freedom. The most important point when shopping for athletics is to pay attention to the cumin and its location.

football shoe
The most important points in choosing football shoes are the attention to stoke and footwear. Stoke is important to avoid slipping and the procedure for playing with the ball. You need to look for a shoe to buy sport shoes that is suitable for sport first. These shoes should be constructed so as not to limit the physiological range of motion. Your foot should be comfortable inside the shoes and you can easily change direction, tap the ball and shoot. The shoe should also be designed to prevent wounds in the middle of the foot, while there is also the possibility of an appropriate arc movement to provide a better footing effect. Modern soccer shoes weighs about 250 grams. The indoor boot floor should be flat and non-stacked, but the floor of the chestnut should be sure to have a stoke..

Futsal shoes
Due to the increased pressure on the ligament, cartilage, especially the ankle, knee and thigh Achilles tendon thighs are desirable to have more impact..

Wrestling shoes
For proper performance of the movements, this shoe must have the flexibility, strength and endurance. Also, due to the glossy and lizziness of the floor, the boat hulls should be fitted to the bottom of the dentin for friction. To protect as much as possible from the ankle during the movements, these shoes should have a long lifter.

hiking boots
A good mountaineering shoes should have at least four attributes. First, the Liz shoes did not eat, that is, the cumin should be of good quality. The second feature is that the water can not be easily inserted into the shoes, so that it does not curl the foot, and the fourth and most important feature is that the shoe should be so sturdy that the foot will not be damaged by the falling stone..

Fitness and aerobics shoes
This string includes moves like walking, skipping, jumping, and so on. Therefore, these shoes should be relatively lightweight and have a good blow job. In an appropriate aerobic shoe, the middle, outer, and heel sides must be fully supported, and the front part of the shoe also has a good impact. The heel of the shoes should also be slightly tall.

Basketball shoes
Moving forward, sudden stops and moving side by side are the basics of moving in the basketball field. Therefore, the leg shoe should be fairly long and heel firm. To minimize the friction inside the shoes, double-sided shoes are also suitable for basketball. Among the indoor sports shoes, the thickest heels are basketball shoes.

Volleyball shoes
The movements of this sport are almost the same as basketball, but the thickness of the volleyball shoes is shorter than the basketball shoes, and the legs of this type of shoe are shorter. Calf shoes for volleyball should be of the crepe, because jumping is one of the main pillars of volleyball sports. Another point that should be taken into consideration when buying volleyball shoes is that it should be about five centimeters long.

Finally, the choice of a suitable and standard shoe with regard to the field of activity and sports can be a guarantor of the health of your legs and spine.

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