Talent is a topic that is especially important in the world of sport. Identifying the success factors will pave the way for the peak of pride.
It is difficult to determine which features distinguish ordinary athletes from elite and professional athletes, which makes it harder to tackle scouting.

Advantages of scouting:
1 The time required to reach the peak of exercise is significantly reduced.
2. Using special criteria of science, while reducing the cost of reaching the peak, increases the efficiency of workouts.
3 The self-esteem of the athletes who have been identified is increased due to significant differences with other athletes.
4. The use of specific scientific criteria directly serves the user to conduct scientific exercises.
5 The athlete's lifespan increases.
Six people are referred to disciplines that are physically, physiologically and psychologically fit for them.
7 With this practice, athletes will probably get better results, and this will prevent their frustration from failing, thus enjoying more exercises and participating in that sport, and are therefore more interested in that discipline.
8 Recruiting highly qualified coaches is important and important teams, and sometimes also athletic psychologists.
9 Physical and general health of people is guaranteed more.
10 Due to the correct identification of individuals, the number of athletes and the practice of winning the championship sports.
11 Increases the opportunity to connect with the sports professors who can assist in the training and evaluation of athletes.
12. Many young athletes lose opportunities to increase their ability to grow and reach a good athlete's level, because they do not know their specific characteristics, and they are not driven by sports that can flourish.

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