Nutrient role in the diet of athletes and bodybuilders

24 March

By approaching the new year and starting the Nowruz holiday, you can change your exercise schedule to adapt to the state of the holidays. For example, if the class of sports you were going to be shut down, you can instead Swim یا riding bike Or take a routine exercise program at home. Many exercises can be done using home fitness equipment at home. A number of other sporting activities, such as seating or swimming, do not require special equipment and are easy to apply. In the Eid period, due to certain snacks, such as sweets and nuts, the diet and diet of individuals may be routine, but those who are concerned with exercise and fitness, who care about their health and fitness, should note that Do not keep the food out of their goals. Among the food that is to be found in the vista, you will need to choose most of the tea (no sugar), low-calorie cucumber and low-calorie foods, and eat very little. Meanwhile, the consumption of nuts should be consumed as a result of their high calories.

Nowadays, increasing nuts and nuts in the diet is recommended because of the many benefits and benefits of health. The brains It contains nutrients and microorganisms such as vitamin A, phosphorus, magnesium, and omega-3 compounds, which play a significant role in the body and the proper use of the brain reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by between 20% and 50%. Protein nuts and a fiber source also contain many vitamins and minerals. They also have a wide range of antioxidants that are good for health. Some people avoid eating nuts because they think they contain fat but fat is not saturated in nuts and is useful. According to studies conducted on a group that has a diet containing nicotine and another group that has been tested without consumption, it has been shown that in the short term (6 months), a group with a low-calorie-rich diet; Weight less than those who did not use nicotine, but in the long term (one and a half years) weight loss is the same in the two groups. But the interesting point is that a nourishing diet shows better progress in improving fat profiles in the first months of the diet.

Although nuts are in the category of high-calorie foods, they do not affect the level of sugar in the body.. Types of nuts are considered in bodybuilding regimes due to their high nutritional value and unsaturated fats, which are vital to weight loss and muscle building. The antioxidants in the nuts compound help the body to detoxify during exercise and provides the energy needed to improve the immune system and re-muscle preparation for professional exercise. Using a combination of nuts in an athlete's daily diet helps control your blood sugar level. In addition, delicious grains play a significant role in reducing the risk of heart attack and reduce bad blood cholesterol levels..Professional bodybuilders usually go through two food programs to prepare for the tournament. The first round is before the tournament and the weight loss period is considered an athlete. They try to reduce their weight by using low calorie foods. But in the seasonal phase of the race, the calorie intake is much higher. Bodybuilders try to use nutritious and low-calorie foods in all these diets. As such, the combination of nuts plays a major role in bodybuilding regimes.

Nuts, despite their high calories, keep garlic athletes for a long time and provide energy. Another important point is that the nuts are easily portable and will not deteriorate soon. In addition, you can make salads and delicious dishes by combining nuts and other foods. That's why these delicious grains can be a great companion to those who follow professional sports.Eating nuts on a daily meal provides everyone with energy, but athletes should be aware that the amount of greasy fats in the breakfast reduces the intake of carbohydrates, which helps in controlling the amount of blood sugar. Especially if you want to do sports exercises after breakfast, you can exercise your blood glucose without lowering your blood sugar. .The fiber contained in nuts helps to slow down the flow of food in the body, and in particular the intestines, and this way the body has a greater chance of absorbing nutrients. Iron in nuts grains increases the absorption of oxygen during exercise, and the potassium in the nuts prevents muscle cramps and spasms after exercises.

Regular consumption of pistachios and other nuts can be a clever option to control your lumbar size. Nuts, along with protein and fiber, contain healthy fats that can help preserve satiety. A study in 2011 was a striking result that is referred to as the pistachio law. That when people eat pistachios and their skin remains exposed. Their caloric intake is reduced by more than 18 percent to those who emit pistachios. The reason for this is that the pistachio skin reminds the person how much the pistachios are and, therefore, automatically refuses to consume excessive amounts of pistachios. This can also be true for other skin nuts. Here are some of the brains for athletes and bodybuilders:


Almond is one of the best seeds among nuts. The fiber contained in almonds prevents false appetite. Almond helps to increase metabolism, which is a common goal for athletes. Eating almonds eliminates the dryness of the mouth caused by heavy exercises. Almond Milk, which does not smell of almond powder and water and sugar, can repair damages caused by exercise..


Most athletes, especially men, believe that soy reduces testosterone levels. But we have to say that this is very wrong. You should know the protein content of soybeans in the protein rating of soy is considered to be a natural protein that can help you muscle building in the combination of nuts..


Walnuts are a tonic anti-inflammatory. Walnut lowers blood cholesterol levels and is an anticancer. Walnut strengthens the body's defenses and helps the body to improve performance. You should, of course, keep in mind that when eating walnuts, especially in low-fat diets, be careful about how much fat you eat your daily walnut..


Peanut is one of the best athletes. Peanut for athletes who follow heavy diets is a good and good snack that prevents muscle analysis. It's interesting to know that peanut consumption an hour before eating protein supplements increases the absorption of supplements significantly.

Indian almonds

Each 28 grams of Indian almonds provides 155 calories of energy, 1 gram of fiber, 5 grams of protein and 31 percent of your requirement for copper, 23 percent manganese and 20 percent magnesium..

Just like almonds, it controls your blood glucose levels. In one study, it was found that the level of antioxidant activity of Indian almonds increased after rash!


Each 28 grams of pistachio contains 161 calories of energy, 13 grams of fat, 3 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein..

In 2009, a study from the Texas Medical School found that consuming 56 grams per day of pistachios could reduce the risk of lung cancer..

If you are looking to control your appetite, Pistachio is your best friend .Keep in mind, however, that all the seeds of nuts help you to improve your body's performance and do better exercises. Do not overlook the properties of nuts to improve your body's function and be sure to include it in your diet plan..

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