Relationship with Human Resources Unit

Address: Tehran, Gisha St. 3, No 2, Unit 5


Phone: 88281128-021

The Sports Technique Collection, as one of the leading and active fitness clubs, invites everyone to engage in a friendly and dynamic environment to join us.

If you would like to cooperate with the Superior Sports Technique Collection, please Job Opportunity FormComplete.

8 thoughts on "فرصت های شغلی"

  1. Hello and greeting
    I am a decent Mehdi
    Has 2 years experience in Shayegan Andish Co. as a secretary and designer of the site and is responsible for advertising company
    Has one year experience in the artistic sphere of the Slavic Organization as a lighting company
    I am interested in working with the Professional Techniques Collection

  2. Hello and respect all the friends and authorities in this collection .. I have a strong interest in this field and I have the full readiness to cooperate in all sectors.


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