How to minimize muscle pain and cramps after exercise?

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Anyone who has gone to the club or spent a day busy with heavy equipment has suffered muscle cramps. You think there's no problem until you've done it, but the next morning you wake up, you'll find it difficult to go to the bathroom and all of you are full of pain.

There are some ways to get better for those who are more likely than normal. Read this article to learn more about symptoms of delayed muscle pain and pain relief strategies and see when pain is overwhelming.

Delay in starting muscle or muscle painDOMSWhat is?

The delay in starting muscle pain is something that makes you say: "Today I can not walk! "It's pain 24 to 72 hours after exercise in its most severe condition. It is thought to be due to long-term exercise or excessive exercise, which causes small injuries and wounds on muscle fibers. After such a sport, if you continue to practice, the muscles will adapt quickly and prevent muscle damage and, consequently, muscle aches.

Why do we sometimes get it and others do not?

There are several reasons. Your muscle is improved and accustomed to become stronger. If you constantly get a weight with the same amount and intensity, because the muscle is used to it, it does not happen, so you have a normal state. In this case, increase the weights and see what happens.

Do you ever worry?

In most cases, no. If you are a beginner and go overboard in the first training period, you may have trouble moving around for about five days. But it's not a worry. You'll get better. What you need to worry about is baldness that is a breakthrough in muscle fibers - but for such a problem you have to be crazy!

The proverbial promise of treasure can not be true?

You do not have to feel pain at all times, be cool, sometimes recovering exercises to reduce pressure on the body. Some days you can also do aerobic exercises. It's crazy to have a lot of pressure on each exercise.

If you do not improve and develop, you may get frustrated, so sometimes it's a bit painful. If fit, you have more muscle fiber and your muscles are stronger, so you are much more efficient than those who are not active. All these are the motives for progress. Never forget your first training period for myself, as if a bus had been rejected twice!

Can we work to reduce muscle pain and cramping?

My advice is to deal with it. You can drag yourself or take a shower of warm water, but in the end you must wait for the muscle to heal itself. Protein foods that contain protein. Drink plenty of water and relax. Never forget the rest day for recovery muscles and performance.

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