Application of technology in sport

24 March

With the advancement of technology in the last century, a lot of changes have been made in all of the sciences, but sports have not survived as well. Laboratories and major sports centers have become more and more technologically advanced using technology. Today, in many sports clubs, technology as an assistant to many coaches has increased the level of exercise and improved athletic performance. Perhaps it is otherwise simplistic to say; we do not accept technology and we still want to present and control exercises using traditional tools. Everything can not be implemented and planned in the field of sport; however, the knowledge of the use of technology at the right time and place has led to a difference in the level of the coaches of the clubs and athletes.

One of the technological tools that can be used today for coaches and athletes is to monitor the athlete's athletic conditions during training and in the subsequent stage of recovery. For example, exercise control tools based on technology such as GPS, recording, and heart rate monitors are a great help for athletes and coaches.

Use of technology in high-end sports (most at risk Collision Physical activity has grown in improving performance, preventing injury, curing injuries and protecting the health of athletes. Using high-quality, high-speed cameras, in line with the advancement of biomechanics, allows teams to see close-ups of player movements. This accurate observation may help coaches better understand the movement (a chain of muscles, joints and physical movements) of a hockey player during a slap shot, or a penalty shootout by a rugby player or a footballer's corner. This information is used to advance speed, accuracy, and also to analyze possible signs, such as imbalance when moving, causing injury..

Another part of the science of sport and technology, which is mainly merged, is neurophysiology and neurofeedback. With the advancements in technology, factors that were previously only measurable in labs, such as muscle activity, respiratory rhythm and neurological activity, are now measuring and evaluating this information during exercise and play.

Today, measuring the amount of focus, the reaction's readiness, the amount of warmth a footballer on the ground, or a goalkeeper when receiving a penalty or a hockey player in a face-to-face battle during the game is possible. Sports experts and coaches can use this information Athletes Practice at the highest practical level for any environmental conditions. In addition, analyzes during the game or during the training may provide information on the limits of the ideal player movement and the balance between the interactive activity of increasing and expanding muscles. This information is very important for the performance of athletes, but more importantly, valuation and practice are ideally suited to prevent injury.. Some sports agencies use geographic analyzes to better understand the strategy of teams by analyzing athletes, geographic location, and moving teams on the ground. For this purpose, a system similar to ArcGIS, which provides team information, individual movements and routines, is used..

Along with the technologies that can be used on the playground, there are other options that can be used outdoors to improve performance, such as athletic activity and sleep. Monitors that examine the patterns of athletic activity and sleep provide professional information teams that allow them to better understand each athlete. Using this information, coaches can provide training, racing and personalized training for athletes based on trips by the team, and improve the quality of their rest, rebuild and practical readiness..

Despite some problems and barriers, the future of sports and technology is brilliant. The potential for collaboration in team performance improvements and health control is high technology advancement, especially with programs that are sufficiently user-friendly and adapted to technology and available today. Ultimately, there are many reasons for excitement and a look at the future of sporting technology, wireless technology has been built and is in progress, and there are many efforts to prepare specialized information to further exploit the outputs of these technologies..

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