Simple stretching exercises in the work environment

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18 March

Most employees and computer users complain of muscle aches. Simple stretching exercises are an effective way to improve this type of pain.

Studies have shown that excessive repetitions, long illnesses, and staying in your musculoskeletal disorders will worsen over time.

So this kind of body pain is not limited to heavy activities and construction work. Such problems also occur for computer users, office workers, and the various work environments and jobs. Having problems sitting at the desk, doing a repeat move and sitting in a state of health

According to statistics, the community also has a strong tendency toward low-paid jobs (computer users) and adds daily to these statistics. Interestingly, at least 8 of them are behind the table every 10 Iranians.

Lacking long nights will cause physical problems; here are some of these problems:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Stress
  • backache
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (a common complication in the wrists and palms of the hand, which causes difficulty moving the hand).

Do these moves to prevent and remedy the problems mentioned above.

Stretching the muscles behind the arm

How to make a move

Raise one hand and bend like a shape, so that you can hold the elbows of your other hand.

Try to close your elbow around your head.

Stay on the move for 10 to 30 seconds; then release your hands and repeat this move for the other hand.

Excessive stretch (Latysmosis stretch)

How to make a move

Take one of your hands over.

Drag your hand to the opposite like a photo.

Stay in this motion for 10 to 30 seconds; then do this exercise in the opposite direction.

Upper thigh and arm

How to make a move

Hold your hands over and over, so that your palm is facing outwards.

Like the shape, push your hands up and pull out.

Continue this move for 10 to 30 seconds.

Torsion (torsion and shoulder stretching)

How to make a move

Sit on the chair and take your hands off the back.

Bring the chest out and raise the chin.

Repeat this move for 10 to 30 seconds.

Stretching forward

This stretching is also known as a movement for stretching the skeletal muscle or lumbar elbow.

How to make a move

Put your hands in parallel and put together; try to keep your arms and arms in the same direction.

Press the hands forward and stay 10 to 30 seconds in the same position.

Stretching or torsion

How to make a move

Hold one of your legs firmly on the ground and place the other foot on it.

Put one of your hands on the back of the chair and rotate the upper body in the direction in which your hand is on the chair.

Keep this mode for 10-30 seconds and then repeat it in the opposite direction.

tip:Expedite during spin, to increase your range.

Stretching legs and knees

How to make a move

Bring one foot upside down and slowly approach your chest.

Stay on the move for 10 to 30 seconds; then practice with your other leg.

Stretching the back of the foot

How to make a move

Sit down and stretch out your legs.

Bend in the shape of the shape and try to hold your hands to your fingers.

Stay in the same position for 10 to 30 seconds.

Note: If you have back pain, do this move for one leg at a time.

Head and shoulders stretching

How to make a move

Bring your shoulders up close to your ears.

Now lower your shoulders and repeat this move ten times.

Neck stretch

How to make a move

Sit slowly and head forward.

Turn your head slowly to one side and stay 10 seconds in the same mode.

Repeat this move on the other side.

Relax again and turn your chin back to its original state.

Repeat this move 3 times for each side.

If you're suffering from computer workers or users, or if you suffer from such painful pains, do these effective stretching exercises and say goodbye to muscle aches.

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