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  • Branch number 1
    Address: Gisha - Twelve Street - next to Parsian Bank ( Show on map )
    Phone: 88286070

  • Branch number 2
    آدرس: جردن – کوچه بابک بهرامی – پلاک ۳۳
    تلفن: ۸۸۶۵۴۵۷۵ – ٨٨۶۵٣۵٩۵
  • Branch VIP
    Address: Geisha - 19th Street ( Show on map )
    Phone: 88273929

  • Branch number 2
    آدرس: گیشا – خیابان ناظریان قمی – بین سیزدهم و پانزدهم – پلاک ۱۵ ( Show on map )
    Phone: 88275003

  • Branch number 3
    آدرس: صادقیه – ابتدای جناح – کوچه احسانگر – پلاک ۱/۱ ( Show on map )
    Phone: 44000307

20 thoughts on "تماس با ما"

  1. Hi
    Dear Manager
    Thank you for your efforts and appreciation for your club. I need to make a suggestion to the High Commander.
    Please give me and several residents of Geisha a warm welcome to reconsider the opening hours of the Ghisha Club, Qazi Nazari Street, between the thirteenth and fifteenth.
    It should be noted that the opening hours of most offices are between 7.30 and 8.30. If you succeed, if you succeed and start the club's start time between 5 and 5.30, you can use the good facilities of the club very confidently in Gisha.

    I know that in the rest of Iran, many clubs are operating 24 hours a day, and considering the good facilities of the Ghashi Club, Qazi Nazaryan Qom, between 13th and 15th, I am confident that you can not but lead in this, but with proper management and with Smart and competent marketing can win this.

    With success and success.
    Hamidi .

  2. By looking at the letter of a respectable athlete who proposes to start sooner or full time work hours for the gym, I hope that as soon as possible, the superior management of the Superior Technique Club will take action on this.
    Currently, Foruzanfar Club starts at 6am, but the superior technology club located in Ghisha, Qazvin Nazarian, between 13th and 15th is one of the most qualified clubs in Tehran, and that's why I and some friends are not keen on this. .

  3. Regarding the letter of friends for the opening hours, my question is from the superior management of the top technique, is it now that the club starts working at 5am or 6.30am this morning? Please, in case of any change, notify the site that the athletes can make the most out of the club.

  4. Peace and pray for the land of Iran,

    Is it really time to start working hours at Qom Nadiyan Club at 5 o'clock in the morning?

    Let us also inform you if you have changed the working hours of the club, so that we can take advantage of this.

    We just stopped at the club because of this club's start hour and its interference with the opening hours of our office.

    Peace and prayer .......

  5. با سلام و عرض احترام
    بنده شاهد بودم در بیشتر باشگاه‌های ممتاز دنیا معمولا جهت تشویق و ایجاد انگیزه در ورزشکاران بصورت دوره‌ای نسبت به معرفی ورزشکاران برتر و کوشا اقدام میکنند. به نظرم اگر باشگاه این کارو انجام بده بد نباشه اگر اسامی ورزشکارانی که با انگیزه ورزش میکنند در سایت منتشر بشه .. ممکن باعث انگیزش بیشتر در ورزشکاران دیگر بشه، و همونطور که میدونید ورزش با انگیزه بیشتر باعث نتیجه بهتر و نتیجه بهتر و مطلوب‌تر و رسیدن به تناسب اندام، سلامتی، نشاط و … بیشتر برای ورزشکاران باشگاه خودش یک جور برندسازی برای باشگاه خواهد شد. با تشکر فراوان و احترام مجدد

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