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  • Branch number 1
    Address: Gisha - Twelve Street - next to Parsian Bank ( Show on map )
    Phone: 88286070

  • Branch number 2
    Address: Jordan - Alley Noor - No. 5
    Phone: 88654575 - 88653595
  • Branch VIP
    Address: Geisha - 19th Street ( Show on map )
    Phone: 88273929

  • Branch number 2
    Address: Gisha - Nahzaryan Qomi Street - Between thirteenth and fifteenth - No. 15 ( Show on map )
    Phone: 88275003

  • Branch number 3
    Address: Sadeghieh - Front of the faction - Ehsanjar Alley - 1/1 ( Show on map )
    Phone: 44000307

4 thoughts on "تماس با ما"

  1. Hi
    Dear Manager
    Thank you for your efforts and appreciation for your club. I need to make a suggestion to the High Commander.
    Please give me and several residents of Geisha a warm welcome to reconsider the opening hours of the Ghisha Club, Qazi Nazari Street, between the thirteenth and fifteenth.
    It should be noted that the opening hours of most offices are between 7.30 and 8.30. If you succeed, if you succeed and start the club's start time between 5 and 5.30, you can use the good facilities of the club very confidently in Gisha.

    I know that in the rest of Iran, many clubs are operating 24 hours a day, and considering the good facilities of the Ghashi Club, Qazi Nazaryan Qom, between 13th and 15th, I am confident that you can not but lead in this, but with proper management and with Smart and competent marketing can win this.

    With success and success.
    Hamidi .

  2. Greetings to all Iranian athletes

    When one of the athletes sends a letter to the management for a review at the start of the working hours, this must be done.

    Amir A. Fasyhi


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