We have tried to help you plan the sport that we think of you so that you can reach the goal you want faster and more securely. To do this, consider the advice of sports instructors.
Tips that are recommended for sports planning. These tips include:
Think proprietary
When you have a specific purpose for exercise, do special exercise for that purpose. For example, if you want to develop a specific muscle, you must be sure to exercise the muscle in your program. Exercise strength if your goal is to become powerful. Exercise aerobic exercise if your goal is to burn fat.
2- Divide the days
See how many days a week you can exercise. If you can exercise for less than three days a week, for example, exercise your entire body in your exercise program. But if you want to exercise for more than 4 days a week, you have to split up so that you do not exercise too much and do not hurt. Make sure you keep your rest as long as you can.
3. Know about the club facilities
از امکانات مختلف باشگاه استفاده کنید. تنها به یک وسیله اکتفا نکنید.
4. Determine the amount of repetition of the movements and rest time
To determine the number of repetitions of movements, you should consider your goal of making physical fitness. If you want to increase your strength, you should exercise with low frequency and high intensity. If you want to increase muscle volume, you should increase the repetition of movement in each set. In general, you need to know how to increase the severity of the repetitions. The amount of rest between movement should be determined according to the intensity of exercise. When you have a heavy weight, you must rest one or two minutes between each set. If you do aerobic exercise, you should have a rest period of 45 to 60 seconds to burn calorie and muscle growth.
5. First, make combinations
If you have a lot of energy, start exercising more complex and combined exercises at the beginning of the exercise, and perform one-dimensional movements at the end of the exercise session.
6- Choose the best sport
You have a lot of choices in sports. But, depending on your purpose and the condition of your body, choose the right exercise and exercises. Find and take advantage of the sporty and effective sporting activities.
7. Create and change diversity in sport
If you find an effective sports program, do not repeat it repeatedly. To make good use of it, you need to make a difference. Change every 8 to 12 weeks in the exercise program. For example, scooters have different types of moves. Use the new Scott Move once a time.

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