What are some successful and famous people doing?

27 January

All people have a unique style and style throughout their lives. Lifestyle actually includes our own interests, opinions, behaviors and habitsBe. The right and wrong habits have an important role in our health. Exercise and physical and mental activity can be effective on different aspects of life if they are carried out continuously and on a daily basis, so that, based on research, most successful people start their day with exercise. they do. Exercise due to the effect onMental health Individuals can play a significant role in the success and livelihoods of the people and increase their mental and mental abilities. Most people who are considered as successful and well-known in society consider sport as an integral part of their daily agenda and pay particular attention to their physical and mental health.

Here are some examples of well-known and well-known people who do sports on their daily agenda.


One of the factors that matter in the world of actors is the practice of being professional. An actor must have a strong and soft body because of the roles he plays, and this does not differ between the woman and the man..Many male actors in the world of cinema do not use for the action roles, which is because of their professionalism in the field of sports. One of these well-known Jackie Chan is, and although the actor has been damaged many times, he is still very handsome in combat roles. .

Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson، Cultural Work and the Hero of the 8th World, Dvd Crystal and Actor American است.Exercising is the largest part of Dwain Johnson's life. He wakes up every day before dawn to begin hard work and diet that lasts throughout the day. After a cup of coffee, he takes aerobic exercise for 30 to 50 minutes. Dwinn Johnson takes a tough diet, and one of the good habits is to prepare foods sooner than his due date.

اPray Gill Winfrey Oprah Gail Winfrey producer, Actress Moderator, Benevolent, Winner Oscar , Candidate The Golden Globe Award and the most famous and most famous Presenter Television America و the world است.

Opera Winfrey is one of the most successful and famous people who begins their day with meditation. He later, with Deepak Chopra, a well-known Indian writer and physician who is renowned for the promotion of medicine among many people in different countries, began a 21-day meditation challenge that helped hundreds of thousands to help them with their health. Boost daily meditation.


groupone direction, A group of British-Irish male popes who quickly progressed and progressed, and their albums ranked first in the world's bestselling categories. This group is very popular among Iranian teenagers It is made up of five people; these five boys who appeared in the UK's nominee for scandal and quickly spoke. Currently, members of the group are engaged in solitary confinement at a time when the members of the Nailoran group, Liam Payne Harry styles و Louis Tomlinson They were working side by side;The first law was the group of collective sports.

The boys of this group, together with the best martial arts instructors, trained to perfect their body. They participated daily in boxing classes and bodybuilding exercises, including heavyweight work and running on treadmill. Working with heavy weights was in their main program to keep the muscles in their best shape and get the best volume. By doing this, not only is muscle building, but also the metabolism is increased and calories burned at the end of each training session.

Boxing is also due to the fact that in this sport almost all muscles of the body are involved. This sport is the best choice for people who decide to have a flat stomach and six pieces. All members of the group decided to put their stomach into six pieces.

Other group sports programs include exercise before bedtime.

How many members of the team do just one hour before going to bed. By doing so, not only does sleep time get shorter, but also sleep quality increases. Research suggests that exercise before bedtime can increase muscle strength and endurance, and help melt excess body fluids.

By approaching the end of the day, the body's activity gradually diminishes and prepares itself for sleep. For this reason, foods eaten at night are more likely to become fat. Having a little mobility at this time can offset your body weight. This has been particularly effective in watering the fat around the abdomen.


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, The second and fourth Russian President after the collapse of the Soviet Union, who led the Russian economy from the severe crisis of the 1990s to a significant stability and growth in the 21st century..Some people recognize him as the most athletic president of the world. From the slums and plagues of the former Soviet Union to the powerful presence in the world, from zero to a hundred is the life of a man whose sport is an important part of his pastimes and pleasures..

The Russian president is focusing on exercises like judo, swimming, cycling, boxing, athletics, weightlifting, various traditional and modern martial arts, shooting in various disciplines, and so on.

Exercise has occupied a significant part of Putin's life and may have been ineffective in his reputation. Exercise for world politics has always been a weapon to increase popularity and proximity to the people.

Obama,The former president of the United States used his morning program to prepare himself for the day he was ahead. Obama did not sleep for 4 hours at night and spent time waking up on small decisions like what to wear or what to eat. He preferred to spend his energy on big decisions. Obama ran aerobic exercise for 45 minutes each morning.

Famous Models

 Dawson CroesThis Dutch model in 2008 Become one of the "Victorian Secret angels," explicitly about the non-realistic standards governing the fashion industry. Was talking And it has a lot of emphasis on fitness and physical health than crazy slips. Twenty-nine years old Daoatsen is a fan of fitness with the help of old methods, especially aerobic exercises, such as ropes, running, boxing and aerobics. The mannequin emphasizes that it uses natural foods such as chicken and salad with potatoes and cauliflower in their diet. 

Adriana Lima.Another Victorian secret model is trying to maintain a beautiful and exceptional form of limb, despite the changes that were made after the birth of its two infants. Lima trained his athletic training under his own coach, Michael Olajid (Michael Olajide), At the Aerospa club (Aerospace) New York City. He is practicing just like a professional warrior several times a week and every 90 minutes.

These incredibly hard sessions include long periods of aerobics and jumping, Lima regularly places photos of herself in hard work and sweating on her Instagram page. The model said in an interview that boxing exercises would help him maintain his health to stay as Victorian Secret angels.

He said: "I wanted to have a good physical health and, in addition, I find sports that are compatible with my spirits. So I tried various courses, including: cycling in the gym, aerobics, walking and yoga, then I tried the boxing and I fell in love, I found a lot of passion for boxing..I love the hardness of this sport and I think it's the best aerobic exercise. Your body comes on the form and you become thinner, but your muscles are bad and tight and not tedious. "

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