Getting to know Holahup and its benefits

30 January

The hollow or sling loop is one of those sports equipment that has many fans as well Sports equipment fitness and cross-fittingIt is used in clubs and sports halls. But what adds to the popularity of Holahup is the ability to use this sporting deviceخانه It is also provided.

During the ancient Greek Olympics, the use of bamboo wood rings was common among athletes. Usually, athletes used these wooden rings to entertain people and even get the olive branch as a reward for their efforts. Despite the fact that more than a hundred years have passed since the ancient Olympic Games, these rings are still used by friends. Traditional materials for the rings are: Willow, Rattan, Grapes and Hard Plants. Today they are usually made of plastic tubes.

Hollow is a loop that opens in gyms and aerobic classes and is used to carry out rotational movements of the waist, abdomen, thighs, arms, and so on. According to the needs of people who want to use this device, children's cushions of a diameter of 71 cm and a special adult with a diameter of 102 cm is recommended. When you hollow, all body organs get involved. When it's hollow in its usual form, the abdominal muscles are bumped up and the calories concentrated in these areas are consumed. But if you use this ring for other exercise exercises, other areas will also be involved and your caloric intake will vary. But in general, for every half hour of hugging, depending on the continuity of movement, the speed and shape of exercise, 120 to 300 calories will be consumed.
 So, if you take halacha three times a week for a half-hour and follow the diet, at the end of the month, 7 and a half to 15.5 centimeters will decrease your waist! This is while your only need to do this is to pay Holahup and do this exercise at home or the nearest nearby parking lot..

The Holahup ring is most involved with the abdominal muscles. This conflict involves external and internal muscles. The movement of the hollow ring in this area causes tightening of the abdominal muscles, preventing the accumulation of fat in these areas and, of course, burning excess fats accumulated in the area..
Smooth muscles, longitudinal muscles, and internal and external diagonal muscles. In addition, the muscles and the lower back muscles and the lower and higher parts of it are also directly affected..
These muscles are involved in the normal use of halahup, ie, their rotation in the waist-abdomen. If other sports are taken with it, it's natural that the muscles and muscles of the other areas will also be affected..

The important thing about exercise with holahup is the simultaneous involvement of surface and internal muscles. For this reason, the effect of this exercise on fat burning is very high.
It's better if exercise with holahops begins at a young age. The rotation of the hollow ring in different areas of the body will strengthen the muscles of the body. From the muscles of the body, the abdominal region - the waist requires more formation than any other area. So, by buying a decent hollow and the size of children, you can help them get their muscles sooner and better.

When planning to use the hollow tube, try to wear suitable sportswear and avoid wearing loose and loose clothing. Avoid closing the bracelet, watch or any other device that causes the ring to be ringed. Stand somewhere that is open and the spin of the ring does not interfere with the body.

HollowHop has different sizes. If the size does not fit the age and the ability to rotate and maintain balance, it turns into an inertial ring that does not have any sporting effect..
Of course, the size of a hollow can be changed by removing or adding connection loops. But it's better to buy the right hollow from the beginning. It is very important to observe this point, especially for the types that are not fragmented.Slimming Lotion or Holahup suitable for different ages is as follows:

For children under the age of ten, the small size of the hollow are appropriate.
10 to 14 years old: For this age group, the average size is appropriate.
14 years old: Great size for this age group.

 Holahup also has several types of applications:

  • Sponge Hollow
  • Holahup uPatrick
  • Holagap Magnetic

And this variation in the size and application of Holahup allows the athlete to choose his sporting equipment based on his age and needs.

How to play sports with holahp

To exercise with a hollow, you should stand in front of the mirror and put the hollow in your waist. The main thing in this exercise is that you should concentrate on keeping your waist, and preventing your waist from turning around.
To do this, you need to make muscular movements to your lower back and hips to prevent it falling during rotation, which will strengthen your muscles and burn calories. With each hour of exercise, Holhaph burns about 400 calories, which is exactly the same amount of aerobic movements. You can first start exercising with a hollow by throwing it around your waist and turning it, but then let your whole body share this exercise and experience it around your neck and arms as well..The main thing is that you do not have a lot of stretch on your muscles.Once you've got this skill to keep a ring around your waist and you can rotate it, you can experience the multi-ring rotation. This helps you concentrate and at the same time make you burn more calories. As another suggestion, you can put other hoops on the floor and jump across other circles as you rotate your waist. In the Western world, there are even special dances with Holahup, which is especially popular in Hawaii, and various kinds of dramatic movements such as rolling fiery hollowers in some shows and circuses are commonplace around the body..

The American Sports Council has also investigated the benefits of the ring and the measurement of hardness and burning calories, with a few female volunteers aged between sixteen and fifty and nine years old, some in primary education and some other professionals. ; has chosen. Each volunteer had to use thirty-five minutes of the Hollow Hinge, while each had an oxygen analyzer and a heart rate monitor that monitored the condition at intervals of one minute in half an hour, and the pressure The perceived (RP-Eborg scale) was reviewed for each person every five minutes.

After reviewing the data, they found that the loop causes the person to burn seven calories per minute, which in half an hour will be 200 calories. The average heart rate per minute was one hundred and fifty one times. The average oxygen consumption per kg body weight per minute is 20.6 ml and its perceived pressure is about tough..

So the HollowHop ring can help you lose weight fast and help your body. You can also move the whole body by doing different movements with the Holahoup ring, and increase your physical balance and body flexibility, strengthen your back muscles, stomach, arms and legs. Moving the hips from side to side to keep the loop wrapped around the waist allows all the central muscles to function and the rhythmic rhythmicity of the loop, especially if combined with your favorite music, can give you peace of mind and Have fun with you.

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