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Breeding heroes

Talent is a topic that is of particular importance to the world of sport. Identifying the success factors will pave the way for the peak of pride. It is quite difficult to determine which features distinguish ordinary athletes from elite and professional athletes, that it is difficult to address the issue of scouting [...]

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Sports program

We have tried to help you plan the sport that is right for you so that you can achieve the goals you have faster and more securely. To this end, you should consider the recommendations of sports coaches. Sports recommended. These tips include [...]

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Professional guy

The presence of professional and caring coaches plays a very important role in the training of athletes, having professional conscience, expertise, and ethics are three important elements of a coach. In this series, we have been trying to get professional educators in the presence of professional coaches. A good coach is always in the athlete's mind [...]

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درباره ما

The Sport Technique Collection started in 2008 with the aim of improving the country's sporting level and providing its modern and advanced services.

In this short period of time, the complex has been able to create five separate branches for men and women with careful planning, innovation and creativity in providing services and creating standard sport space.

In the Superior Sport Technique, we have tried to provide you with a sincere spirit of peace and vitality, respecting international standards. We hope you help us in this important.

A good start is a guarantee of progress. It's never too late to start ...

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  • Superior sporting technique can be a good choice for you who are thinking about the health of your body and your inner peace. We can provide you with a sense of tranquility in the top-notch sports clubs, along with regular sports and nutrition programs.

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